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The applications market is at an interesting juncture currently. Most vendors are pushing their customers to their web-based solution and are unwilling (for the most part) to discuss ‘on prem’.


Whilst in the SME market place, the message seems to be accepted largely as a positive thing- larger and more complex businesses seem to be more cautious. This is not without merit. For organisations that have spent millions of pounds creating integrated, highly tuned and resilient ERP solutions it can be frustrating to get no ‘air- time’ with their vendors when they want to look at new modules or functionality on their current stack. The ‘Cloud-or-nothing-approach’, is leading many of our customers to use hybrid models; linking best-of-breed technologies together to achieve the functionality they need. Whilst historically the answer would have always been ‘single, integrated ERP platform’, some companies are finding that they need to go outside of this model and effectively take a step backwards.


Xynomix are finding that many of our customers are talking to us about their options and what is the correct path for them. Whilst we recognise for some organisations the time is right within their business to move on, we would also suggest that continuing to utilise E-Business Suite is absolutely the correct path. The cost of evaluation, deployment, testing, data migration, hosting of legacy data, training, software, hardware, hosting etc. is incalculable. Fresh implementations of new ERP solutions frequently leave unbudgeted gaps and often fail to deliver on salespeople's promises. With E-Business Suite being supported for at least ten years, it is certainly a sensible choice to sweat the capital that has been outlaid already and use any funds to optimise other areas of an IT estate where larger gains can be made.


By publishing this article Xynomix wanted to state our absolute commitment to E-Business Suite. Whilst many of our competitors are leaving the marketplace, we felt important to let our customers know that we will provide a ‘safe harbour’ for organisations that want to remain on E-Business Suite - regardless of whether it is on premise, at a co-location facility or in our data-centre. Our team is built around supporting our customers on Version 11.5.10 all the way through to the latest versions of 12.2.6. Our technical team are firmly rooted in the support of our customers regardless of what technology they choose to run and how they wish to deploy it. Whilst for some customers the move to Fusion is a ‘no brainer’- for those companies that want to stay on their chosen platform, Xynomix will be with you for the long-haul.


If you need further information, please contact myself, Neil Cobley, on 0345 222 9600 or use the form below for any questions.


Oracle has announced a major EBS release beyond 12.2, and that this release will be supported through 2030. Read more here: https://blogs.oracle.com/ebs/exciting-update-to-the-oracle-e-business-suite-release-roadmap

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