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Cloud Services

Give your business greater flexibility and scalability.

Cloud can help your business realise a number of benefits

The path to the cloud is becoming a real solution for many organisations; being that either full migrations of business critical systems, or limited use for business data. Xynomix is perfectly placed to assist and support the journey as a leading system integrator. Being cloud agnostic, we can assist in planning and implementing a cloud strategy which meets business needs for now and the future, with the ability and experience to ensure a smooth transition into the cloud.

The cloud can help your business realise a number of benefits. Hosting your database in a public, private or hybrid cloud can save on hardware costs, maintenance, software licensing and staff training and allows for faster deployments and higher flexibility of resources. Systems hosted in the cloud can also be easily scaled as your business needs change.

Journey to the cloud with expert assistance

Our experienced team has carried out many cloud projects. We work closely with our clients throughout their digital transformation journey, from advising them on the best infrastructure options for their requirements – whether that’s a traditional cloud or Database-as-a-service (DBaaS) model – right through to implementation and ongoing monitoring of their database environment.

We also leverage the cloud for our own systems and data and have a proven track record of helping companies plan and migrate business data into their chosen cloud platform(s).

As cloud agnostic database specialists, we can assist with projects involving any cloud platform, including:

  • Oracle Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Alibaba
  • IBM Cloud
  • ... and others.

Ready for the cloud?

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