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If your client has a database-related requirement, we can help

With the tight margins associated with hardware, resellers are increasingly looking to expand their portfolio and add value to their bottom line by providing a wider range of services to go along with the hardware they sell.

Database management and support is vital to the smooth running of all software and resellers come to us knowing we are specialists in this area possessing unrivalled experience and expertise. We give resellers the ability to offer services which can enhance performance and safeguard availability of business critical systems – services which are vital to all end users in some capacity.

We offer a complete range of database services which resellers can bolt on to an end user’s package; whether they just need a health check or a fully managed service, if they have a database-related need we can help.

Once a partnership is established, we work closely with the reseller’s account management team to ensure that they understand the breadth and depth of our capabilities and have everything they require to be able to utilise our services to their full potential and achieve maximum client satisfaction at excellent value.

Benefits of working with Xynomix:

  • Essential services - We give resellers the ability to offer services which all end users require in some capacity
  • Value - Resellers partner with us because we offer them huge margin potential with no requirement for any internal investment.
  • Experience - We’ve been managing and supporting databases since 2002 and our team has over 300 years’ collective experience at doing just that.
  • Efficiency - Partnering with us gives end users access to a pool of database experts who can react quickly and efficiently to requests as and when they need them.
  • Flexibility - We can provide tailored packages which best suit the needs of end users, no job too small or too large.

Expand your portfolio

If you’d like to learn more about how our database management services can help you uncover new revenue streams, get in touch.

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