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Oracle Managed Services

Oracle managed service


What is a Managed Service?


“An outsourced service to a company with specific expertise in maintaining business systems.”

increase control over your Oracle licenses whists reducing your ongoing costs
spend less time keeping the lights on and more on innovation


What should an IT managed service do for your business?

Give you peace of mind

Provide peace of mind, being insurance policy to ensure your business is protected

Improve your ROI

Identify improvements for your business (ROI)

Provide resources when you need them

Provide additional resources, allowing the business to focus on BAU.


Why choose an Oracle Managed Service from Xynomix?

Our Oracle Managed Service is built around your requirements, based upon 18 years of experience, we can deliver a service which will ensure the uptime and recoverability of your critical Oracle environments.


Using this experience and your key business objectives such as Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO), we will structure our managed service to not only meet these requirements, but provide improvements to your Oracle estate.

With a flexible approach to delivering this tailored service, we will work with your business to define the level of service required. This could be to take total ownership of your Oracle estate, or work alongside your technical staff becoming an extension of your existing team. 

Xynomix can provide guarantees around uptime and maintain performance, utilising the extensive experience of our Oracle consultants; with inhouse tools specifically designed to maintain Oracle databases.

This has been confirmed with 97% of customers renewing for more than X years… The service is scalable to meet the needs of SME to Enterprise companies; or becoming a valued partner to ISV’s ensuring greater software application performance with improved database stability.

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Working with SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) to Enterprise Businesses

Most frequent questions and answers about our Oracle database managed service

Having an Oracle Managed Service with Xynomix can bring a host of benefits, enabling your business to reduce operational cost, conserve capital budget and lower IT expenditure; whilst improving Business As Usual operations. Making your Oracle estate perform more efficiently, with great resilience and recoverability. This is achieved through: 


    • Outsource of the responsibility of Oracle administration for 24×7 operation; freeing up your internal Oracle resources to focus on strategic innovation.

    • Provide rapid scalability to support and manage growth spurts, or the additional technical knowledge to assist in the continual development of your Oracle systems; becoming a flexible extension to your IT team.

    • Minimising detrimental and expensive downtime, by improving system availability of your Oracle estate; with our proactive and Oracle dedicated monitoring tools.

    • Assistance with Vendor management to ensure Oracle Support tickets are dealt with in a timely manner…

This can happen for a number of reasons:


  • Customers require extended access and support

  • Your business has grown to include international or worldwide markets

  • Moving to 24×7 operation for your systems, brings a number of complications, including extending your support structure and technical teams. Xynomix can assist in switching to 24×7, ensuring your Oracle databases are resilient and available around the clock, without major investment in staffing or expensive monitoring tools. Our service covers your system, and is backed up by a team of experienced Oracle professionals 24×7.

When a member of your Oracle DBA team leaves for whatever reason, this can mean a lot of time and investment in finding a suitable replacement. This can sometimes be without any notice period, leaving your business at risk. Xynomix can help you through the interview process, ensuring you get the best candidate. Alternatively Xynomx can also take over that responsibility quickly and efficiently, giving you confidence your Oracle databases will be fully available and maintained. Subject to certain factors, this can commonly be more cost effective as well. 

Taking on a new product, or have a legacy application that runs on Oracle; but have limited in house skills? 


An Oracle Managed Service will provide you with assurances the Oracle database environment is built and configured for optimal performance and resilience. 


This is achieved by Xynomix via an in-depth database onboarding process, utilising Xynomix’s team of Oracle professionals, who’s knowledge and experience can identify known issues affecting production databases, and provide best practice recommendations on how to resolve them. Then following a structured change control process, these recommendations can be implemented minimising the possibility of costly downtime.  

If your business is going through a period of growth, and requires additional Oracle Database Administrator resources to assist in the transition.


The Oracle Managed Service is available to either:


  • Take some/all of the load from your internal Oracle team, allowing them to focus on improvement projects.

  • Provide additional support to meet the changing needs of the business i.e. 24×7 or holiday cover.

  • The Xynomix established managed services offering can be tailored to meet the growing needs of your business, offering 24×7 or 9-5 cover for both production and non-production Oracle environments.

Xynomix being ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified, understands the need to ensure your Oracle estate meets the industry standard for security, high availability and disaster recovery.


An Oracle Managed Service from Xynomix can be used to ensure industry best practices are implemented and maintained. Our team of professionals have worked in sectors including national security, financial services, telecommunications and retail.


We have a proven track record working with local government, and the NHS to provide a managed service which ensures all Oracle deployments meet all the stringent requirements for your industry.

Working with Partners

Most frequent questions and answers about our Oracle database managed service

With a proven track record, the Xynomix approach is to work with a partner to understand your business requirements, and adapt our Oracle Managed Services to meet the needs of the end-customer. This is achieved by building good communication within the partnership, listening to our partners and identifying areas which Xynomix can provide value to your service.


The key to any good partnership is flexibility, which has been learnt by Xynomix over the years, as we appreciate each partner’s needs will be different. Xynomix has developed mature and transparent processes to ensure our partners are fully involved in all aspects of service delivery.


With regular partner reviews, and assistance with customer administration (documentation, meetings etc); the Xynomix Channel team can assist you in providing excellent service to your end-customers.

  • Database Administration – Providing a tailored monitoring solution to ensure your end-customers environment is available and maintained to the highest industry standards. 

  • Installation & Configuration – Scope, design and build Oracle database environments meeting your end-customers requirements, taking into account scalability and reliability.

  • Performance Tuning – As an ISV, assist you in identifying, and fixing any performance issues; this is possible with Xynomix unique performance plugin OMon.

  • Disaster Recovery & High Availability – Commonly these are confused with each other, Xynomix’s Team of Oracle professionals can provide resilient solutions ensuring these meet any RPO and RTO. 

  • Licensing Reviews – With many years of working with Oracle licensing, Xynomix can assist in performing Environment Reviews of your end-customers estate; high light areas of concern. Providing solutions or workarounds to ensure your end-customers are fully compliant. 

Xynomix are happy to provide as much, or as little assistance required to achieve your goals.


The Xynomix Oracle Managed Service will make life easier for our channel partners; as our Oracle professionals can work alongside your internal teams, providing the additional resource for support and expertise, becoming an extension of your business.


This can be to assist you in growing your existing customer base, or expanding into new markets and building sales opportunities.

Xynomix: the database specialists

How we provide an Oracle Managed Service service

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