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The ability to support Oracle E-Business suite cannot be underestimated.

As many of its functions run as the core of our customers' daily operations, we understand that an outage can be frustrating, time consuming and most importantly: impact severely on profitability.

We can offer our managed services on flexible contracts to ensure that we dovetail into your existing teams. The ability to vary the amount of support we provide to suit the dynamics of your business singles us out as one of the most customer responsive Oracle Partners in the market. You get as much, or as little support as you need.

We don't believe in generating contracts that are restrictive, or confine you to set 'packages'. Instead, Xynomix agree what works for our customers as a baseline and over time we can vary it - dependent on your business needs.

Application Managed Services

E-Business Suite Support Timeline 2010-2016

Oracle E-Business Suite Support Timeline

Above is the current timeline for Oracle E-Business Support up to 2021. We can offer Oracle Application Support throughout the above dates - and beyond.

* ESS referred to an exception to sustaining support which covered: new bug fixes for severity 1 issues, security updates and legislative updates for Australia, Canada, UK and USA.

Oracle application managed services cover 3 main pillars:

Database support

1. Database support

The database is the most important part of the application stack.

Databases have been at the core of Xynomix's business for the last 14 years - so we know our stuff. Our team of UK-based DBAs can remotely manage your database to ensure that they are performing in top gear and are available 24×7×365.

The Xynomix database solution offers the following features:

- Database management

We'll proactively manage the database to ensure that it's available and performing well.

- Database monitoring

Our monitoring suite allows us to keep a constant eye on the database and technology stack. We're are aware of any problems before they turn into incidents.

- Tailored advice

Our DBA team publish quarterly technical updates that keep you up to date with technology changes, patches and general advice that's relevant to the technology stack you're running.

- Report

As part of the service, we provide a reporting pack to you, to outline the solution KPIs. This can also be accompanied by a conference call or site meeting at intervals defined by you, as required.


(Further information on DBA services is available here: Database Services)

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2. Functional support

Core to the smooth running of the application is the flow of information through it.

Frequently the application doesn’t appear to be functioning as a user would expect. Our functional team will provide support and backup for your 'super users' to ensure that end-users get a responsive resolution to any non-technical incident.

Examples of functional support requests that the Xynomix Applications Team might receive:

- The application isn’t returning the correct results

- The application is locked or unresponsiveLinux Support g.png

- The application isn't functioning as it should

- There are issues around rights or privileges

- “How do I…” requests: knowledge sharing

- Advice on extending or changing configuration

- Advice on new modules or features that will augment user experience or improve business

3. Technical support

Oracle apps shine most when they're modified to suit a particular client's needs. 

Whilst the Xynomix approach is to always to configure E-Business Suite with its standard functionality, it's inevitable that our customers will need to modify the application to suit their own business needs.

Our technical team are experts in the deployment and management of CEMLIs (Customisations, Extensions, Modifications, Localisations and Interfaces). We can assist in ensuring that these are created and managed in a manner consistent with Oracle best practice development guidelines.

Technical support typically covers:


In areas where the standard application configuration doesn’t meet the specific needs of the users or the business, we can deploy a workaround.


Packets of code that are deployed externally to the core application, that cover a process that isn’t available as core functionality.


Nearly all E-Business Suite customers have connections to other databases and applications. Our technical consultants can ensure that data flows in and out of E-Business suite in an accurate and consistent manner.


Xynomix are able to offer support to customers that need external services to support their reporting toolset. This includes the extraction of data, manipulation of the meta data layer and application support.