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One of the most time-consuming tasks for any Oracle E-Business Suite customer is ensuring that they have a partner on hand that can provide them with well-trained, knowledgeable consultants. We do that, and importantly, we do it consistently. 

We only employ consultants that can lead our customers into well thought-out, considered solutions. Our reputation and customer relationships are based on delivering well-scoped and efficient projects.

We can provide E-Business Suite consultancy services to our customers in the following ways:

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Deploying new solutions

Implementing Oracle E-Business suite from scratch is a daunting task. It's imperative that it's deployed correctly from the first day, or problems may replicate through the whole software stack. 

Our consultants have worked with hundreds of customers over the years, so they know the usual pitfalls associated with installing E-Business Suite modules. Their hard-won experience ensures that the solution makes best use of the technology - but importantly, it will make use of the technology in a way that's tailored and tuned to your business.

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E-Business Suite upgrades

While the constant development and improvement of Oracle software can only be a good thing, we understand that in the last 5 years it's come at a hefty price for Oracle customers.

Our Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade team are very familiar with the upgrade paths for 11.5.10 to R12 and then from the 12.1.3 version to release 12.2. We've perfected the upgrade process to the point where we can offer it as a low-risk, low cost approach. We can work alongside your internal team - offering help and guidance - or if you'd prefer, we can manage the project from inception to go-live.

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New functionality or modules

Core to business success is a fast response to the dynamics of the market. Those that remain in the same place are usually those that are forgotten.

An essential ingredient to being a dynamic, agile business is to have streamlined and efficient software. It should help you capitalise on new opportunities, not hinder you.

Our friendly experts will work with your team to extend your E-Business Suite footprint and make use of new modules that work harmoniously with your business requirements.

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Ad-hoc projects

Sometimes it’s just the little things that seem like a big problem. Internal teams are frequently tied up on project work or business-as-usual activities and those little jobs just don’t seem to get done.

We're able to work on small Oracle projects for our customers that are frequently just a half day or a couple of days to back-fill their existing team. Much of this work can be delivered remotely which makes the cost similar to using your own resources, but delivered by experienced E-Business Suite specialists.

Or maybe you need a bigger project? Whatever the size, our Oracle Applications team are here, at your service.


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