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The True Cost of an In-House DBA

Published on: 23/08/2017


Not just a salary!

With economic uncertainty and budgetary pressures at the forefront of many organisational decisions, hiring a full-time, in-house DBA can seem like the most cost-effective option to manage and support your organisation’s critical database systems. But, when you begin to consider costs such as overheads, training, pensions, and absence cover, this may not necessarily be the case.

In addition, relying on an individual to manage your business-critical systems can create a single point-of-failure, and database issues occurring outside of normal working hours could lead to unplanned downtime and service outages. As businesses and society in general moves into a world of 24×7×365 working, your systems also need to be operational and available 24×7×365. In order to achieve this round-the-clock service, your organisation may require multiple in-house DBAs, meaning your costs could rocket exponentially depending on the size of your database estate.

To demonstrate the true cost of an in-house DBA, we’ve created this infographic.

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