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Increase security with live patching of databases and hardware

Would you like increased security by live patching your databases and hardware?

In today’s climate security is taking greater and greater precedence, and often security skills are hard to resource for.

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) allows you to patch the hardware and database at the same time this means you can reduce downtime but also ensure that your security is increased on both the hardware, O/S and database layers – all at the same time – no more negotiating with business and application specialists for specific downtime windows.

increase your security with live patching of databases and hardware

Oracle database appliance could be what you're looking for

You have invested in the best database technology in the market but often the underpinning systems fail to unleash the full potential of the database technology or become increasingly costly to maintain. Although we are seeing a growing popularity of cloud services, not everyone is ready to make the move today.


So if you are considering your future data/cloud strategy but wish to remain running systems on-premise, the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) could be the solution you need. engineered and built from the ground up for the Oracle Database, ODA offers the best integration and optimisation as it built by Oracle for Oracle.


The ODA offers a large range of options, therefore if you are requiring single-instance databases, or looking to run clustered databases with Oracle Real Application Clusters where high availability is required, the ODA can meet your needs and allows you to effectively and easily scale up and down.


The ODA is a pre-built, single box that contains, hardware, software, networking and storage, making the ODA easier and more simple to deploy and manage v build your own hardware.


As an IT function, are you looking for simple and fast deployments, maximum availability architecture and clear upgrade paths for supporting your Oracle Database? You will no longer have to spend huge amounts of time keeping the lights on and are able to focus on innovation of business services. Application users will be able to enjoy applications that are safer and more secure, high performing with high availability, but often, more importantly, your time to market/end users will be greatly reduced!

Some of the other benefits of ODA:

Xynomix has assisted many organisations in their journey to the ODA, from Manufacturing organisations to the public sector for NHS and Police Forces, alongside key Independent Software Vendor, if you would like to hear more about their stories please get in touch.


“Xynomix have been essential to enable this project to hit key milestones through clear and concise responsibility and task setting, alongside open dialogue. We hope this project to be the first of many with Xynomix and their project team.” – Anonymous

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