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Illustration: Database Managed Services

Are you looking to speed up deployment for your application and database solutions?

Due to ease of configuration and deployment the ODA can greatly reduced time to deploy – also if running multiply environments you can essentially take a template of the entire system and load up a new ODA based on these settings


You have invested in the best database technology in the market but often the underpinning systems fail to unleash the full potential of our technology or become increasingly costly to maintain. Although we see a growing popularity of cloud services, not everyone is ready to make the move today.

So if you are considering your future data/cloud strategy but wish to remain running systems on premise, the Oracle Database Appliance could be the solution you need. engineered for Oracle Database, ODA offers optimisation as it built by Oracle for Oracle.


From Simple and fast deployments, maximum availability architecture and clear upgrade paths supporting Oracle Database. You no longer have to spend huge amounts of time keeping the lights on and are able to focus on innovation of business services. 

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Since 2002 Xynomix has been delivering professional database services to a wide range of clients. Our founders set up the company after becoming disenchanted with the impersonal corporate mentality they’d encountered in previous roles, with the aim of creating a workplace that truly values its employees.


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