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When asked what we do, the short answer is "database support".


Outsourced support for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases - and the Linux/Unix systems on which they run - is where our expertise lies. We apply that expertise across the UK and worldwide, for businesses and organisations large and small. They choose Xynomix because we know our stuff, but also because we're flexible and able to adapt our level of support to their business needs. We won't tie you in to a support package you don't want, or make you pay for services that you don't need.

We class database support as: managed services, remote database administration, backup and recovery, disaster recovery, health checks, monitoring, tuning, installation, migrations, upgrades and short-term DBA cover.


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If you’re interested in a different service, such as: licensing, audits, training, storage, infrastructure and the innovative software solutions we’ve developed, please see database solutions.

Or if you need advice on a project you're about to embark upon, see our database consultancy pages.

What they say

Xynomix investigated the performance bottlenecks that we were experiencing after updating our data warehouse application. After investigating the system, Xynomix concluded that the database server's cache-hit rates and available memory were both low, which was impacting negatively on performance. The technician rectified this and we are now very happy with the function of the application.

Data Systems Manager

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