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Why consider remote database services from Xynomix..?

We know that you take database security seriously - we do too. The majority of our services can be delivered remotely, and be just as secure as having a team of database administrators (DBAs) sat in the server-room next door.

Since 2002, Xynomix have provided remote database administration services for some of the largest organisations around, working on some of the most secure databases. We were delivering secure remote database administration before it was even called that! Our team is made up of experienced remote DBAs, possessing the kind of effective communication skills that a remote support role needs.


A trusted provider of remote database admin

We're a trusted provider: clients have included government bodies, secure Ministry of Defence sites, NHS trusts and UK police forces (see our Case Studies for examples). Through a secure virtual private network (VPN) connection, our team of Nottingham-based remote DBAs are to able to login to your systems as effectively - and securely - as if they were sat in your office. We work under ISO 27001 security standards.

Whilst some situations do require on-site visits, we're conscious that for the majority of clients this merely leads to wasted time and expense, so most of our database administration is delivered remotely.


Some advantages of Oracle remote database support and management:

- Faster job scheduling

- Faster response times

- A faster fix to problems: our average is 16 mins from reporting to resolution

- Access to multiple experienced consultants at once

- Reduced day-rate, no travel expenses

- A safe and secure connection

- Work with specialists, not generalists

- Evidence your environmental commitment


Speak to us about your remote database administration needs, through the live chat or phonecall during working hours, or contact us by email. Our initial advice is free, and as always, without any obligation.


The number of minutes it takes us to resolve an incident, on average


The number of service checks we carry out every second, every day, all year round.


Over 90% of our work is delivered remotely - good for the client and the planet!


What they say

We do not have the resources to employ full time DBAs. Xynomix give us the confidence to go out and win new business, knowing that we can deliver our services and our systems can cope.


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