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Installing Oracle? Get it right first time with Xynomix

New Oracle database installations can prove challenging. If things aren't done absolutely correctly, it can disrupt system performance; from the Oracle database itself, right up to the application layer. This can prove costly in terms of support, maintenance and database administrator (DBA) resource.

The Xynomix team of Oracle certified experts are often praised for their dedication to completing installs quickly, correctly and with minimum disruption. They've each installed hundreds of Oracle database environments: they know what they're doing.

Our Oracle database installation services

Our Oracle installations cover everything from start to finish. However, we know that you might prefer to carry out some tasks in house, and/or only need help at certain stages. So we let you pick and choose what you need, delivering best value. Some of the things we can do include:

  • Recommendations of server setup and disk configuration
  • Installation of required Oracle software and associated components (typically 11g or 12c)
  • Configuration of Oracle networking software
  • Setup and configuration of individual database environments
  • Training and advice
  • Full documentation for reference after we've finished

Our Oracle installation advice? Leave it to the professionals

Can you afford the disruption to your business operations that can result from an Oracle install by someone who's not a specialist? Get the peace of mind and the prospect of continuing high performance that you get from experienced DBAs who've carried out multiple installations.

We'll give you as much - or as little - help you need, so contact us today for a quote.


What they say

Xynomix investigated the performance bottlenecks that we were experiencing after updating our data warehouse application. After investigating the system, Xynomix concluded that the database server's cache-hit rates and available memory were both low, which was impacting negatively on performance. The technician rectified this and we are now very happy with the function of the application.

Data Systems Manager

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