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Why you need an Oracle health check

Oracle Health Check

Everyone needs a checkup from time to time, and so does your database.

Our Oracle health checks can:

  • highlight small problems that could develop in to something serious
  • predict future issues, so you can react before they affect your database availability
  • recommend ways to tune your database so you get best-in-class performance

We apply the same rigour and care to our Health Checks as we do throughout all our services. 

A top performance guarantee from Xynomix

We find that 96% of the Oracle environments we check function at reduced capacity. We're so confident that we'll improve performance for you, we're prepared to offer this promise:

If, after we carry out the tuning recommended as part of one of our health checks, your database performance isn't improved, we'll give you your money back.


Why you need Xynomix...

Our health checks are carried out by expert database administrators, who are likely to have first-hand knowledge of any issues they detect, and are familiar with effective fixes and clever improvements. 

This means that our Oracle health checks:

  • are comprehensive
  • are cost effective
  • are quick
  • provide a full independent, unbiased report, detailing immediate concerns and recommendations for the future


...even if you've already got someone checking your database.

With the greatest respect to whoever checks your database at the moment, it's unlikely that they'll possess the same depth of knowledge that our team of Oracle-qualified DBAs do.

When Xynomix carry out your health check, you'll have the peace of mind that:

  • it's been checked to the highest standard
  • our tuning will lead to certain improvements
  • the health check report will be independent and objective
  • flaws in your database applications will not be 'overlooked' - which sometimes happens when application vendors wish you to continue using their product!


Need to know more about our database health check options?

Please contact us so we can give you advice tailored to your Oracle environment. Drop us a line by email, call us on the phone or chat live to one of our friendly team.


health checks are issued each month


The number of service checks we make on hosts, every minute of every hour, every day.


96% of the databases we see can have their performance improved by our expert DBAs


Our team have been working with Oracle since 1991.


What they say

A good on-site DBA team, optimised database systems and 24×7 Oracle Support from Xynomix mean that not much goes wrong for us. We are confident enough to make promises of excellent availability to our clients and employees, and they always get it.

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