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What are the best Oracle disaster recovery options?

Standby servers and scheduled on-site tape backups can provide a measure of protection against data loss, but they still leave businesses vulnerable.

If the loss of your database is a scenario that gives you nightmares, we can help. We'll consult with you and give independent advice on what would be the best option - or options - to ensure business continuity, should the worst happen. This might range from secure daily backups and cloning of databases to a whole standby datacentre! We can help you create an appropriate disaster recovery (DR) policy so it's there when you need it  - hopefully never, of course.


Xynomix Oracle Disaster Recovery


The Oracle disaster recovery services provided by Xynomix draw on virtualisation or cloud technologies to offer a cost-effective and secure solution to backing-up entire database technology systems. There are many benefits that clients who employ our solutions can enjoy, including:

  • Zero Data Loss – with real-time data replication and data snapshots
  • Incredibly high levels of cost-efficiency
  • Fast Database Recovery time - 24×7×365
  • Full protection with no hardware or licence investment
  • Dedicated Xynomix experts on hand from our Support Desk

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In the manufacturing sector, we need flexibility and immediate assistance when things go wrong. Xynomix have achieved this brilliantly, and make sure that at least one DBA is available when we call with a problem at any time of the day or night.

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