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Organising temporary cover for an Oracle database administrator (DBA) can be stressful and time-consuming. Our short-to-medium term DBA cover service gives you peace of mind that your database will be in expert hands while your usual people are unavailable.
Whether it’s due to staff leaving the company, illness, emergency, maternity/paternity or just planned holiday leave, getting temporary Oracle DBA cover can be an extra headache you don't need.
Here are your usual options:

1. You could go to an agency

…and rely on the agency to get you the right person (we recommend this option if you have excess budget and time to train someone on the nuances of your database environment)

2. You could cross your fingers...

….and rely on non-DBAs, automated checks, and remote communication (we recommend this option if you’re very low on budget and you like to live dangerously)

We’d like to offer a third option: 

3. You could use Xynomix

…and have peace of mind (we recommend this one!)


Get a team instead of a single person

The Xynomix DBA team operate out of a single office, centrally-located in Nottingham, UK. That's useful because it means that we can draw on the experience of the whole team: hundreds of years of it in total.
If you hire a Xynomix DBA, you have access to a whole team, not an individual. All our DBAs are highly qualified and experienced, but equally importantly, we can collaborate in the unlikely event that we encounter an unusual problem. Some of our team have had almost 30 years database support experience: if there’s a problem they haven’t seen before, it’s never happened before…


Shortcut the learning curve

Another advantage is that once you’ve used us, we’ll keep centralised records of what you need – so even if your Xynomix DBA changes, you won’t have to spend time re-orienting the new temporary DBA.


Get a backup for your backup

You genuinely get a team to replace your usual resource. You’ll usually be assigned the same individual each time you use us, but even if they’re unavailable, another equally-experienced DBA can easily stand-in for them. It’s like having multiple backups!
Most often, we’re able to carry out our work remotely, but we’re flexible and capable of visiting your site, either in the UK or the rest of the world. Our team are always available 24×7, every day of the year.


Get that team at less expense than a single agency temp DBA

What’s more is if you come direct to us instead of an agency, you don’t have to pay their fees. We tailor our temporary DBA service to your individual Oracle database environment, so you’ll only pay for what you need. 

Rest assured that you’ll find that our rates are favourable.


Talk to us

We’d need to know more before we can give you our best price, so please get in touch for a no-obligation chat. Phone or chat online during office hours, fill in the form below, or use our contact us page.



Last year Xynomix DBAs helped our customers with 19,080 problems with their databases. That's over 50 a day on average.


Over 90% of our work is delivered remotely - good for the client and the planet!


Our team have been working with Oracle since 1991.