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Do you have an Oracle backup and recovery solution you're happy with?

If so, well done - you're one of the lucky few!

Database failures and data loss can prove extremely costly in terms of revenue, reputation and client relations. Stop worrying about the effects of data loss on your business, with an Oracle backup and recovery solution from Xynomix.

Xynomix’s Oracle backup and recovery services are designed to help your organisation develop a cost-effective and secure system backup and recovery strategy to meet your exact requirements.

Solutions are tailored to each client's individual needs and can cover from hot and cold Oracle backups. We can provide an accurate backup of the Oracle database infrastructure stored off-site in a dedicated and secure virtual ‘cloud’ environment. This multiple-redundancy approach ensures that a failover backup is always available, which you can then 'failback' with ease.


How we deliver our Oracle backup strategy and database recovery solutions

Risk review

In order to gain detailed insight into an organisation’s systems, your Oracle backup and recovery requirements (in relation to the hardware, software and internal support resources available) will be reviewed, and we'll consult with your internal team. A comprehensive report is then produced from these findings, detailing identified risks and potential single points of failure within the systems in question.

Taking action

Once a suitable backup strategy has been identified and agreed with you, the solution is then designed and implemented in full by the Xynomix team of Oracle consultants. Full project documentation and training will be provided as a matter of course throughout the project.

Testing, training and maintenance

With the Oracle backup and recovery strategy fully functional, our talented team of DBAs will offer a management package around the implementation. This can either be provided individually around the backup and recovery solution, or as a part of a bespoke package with added-value database services.

What now..?

If you're interested in discussing an Oracle backup plan and/or database recovery project with us, then please contact us. One of our dedicated Oracle services account managers would love to talk through your requirements, either on the phone, face-to-face at your premises, email, live chat - whatever you prefer.

We're known for our free advice on backup and recovery strategies - so you have nothing to lose: contact us today.


Download our white paper: Oracle backup and recovery Oracle Backup and Recovery


100% All of our clients now have a documented disaster recovery strategy


Xynomix support more than 1200 database instances.


Last year, Xynomix DBAs delivered more than 500 consultancy days to more than 100 clients.


Last year Xynomix DBAs helped our customers with 19,080 problems with their databases. That's over 50 a day on average.

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