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Whether it's a change of SQL Server version, an update or security patch, we can help and advise

A new version of the Microsoft SQL Server database is released regularly, each with desirable new features. We know it's difficult to work out when the best time to change will be, but as Certified Microsoft Partners, we can give you an independent, honest view of what will be best for your business. Once you've decided to upgrade, we can give all the guidance you need - or take care of it for you.

Xynomix DBAs have extensive experience of carrying out upgrades to and from all versions of SQL Server Database, including SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014. 

Upgrading Microsoft SQL Server: it can sometimes be forced on you

Xynomix work with a number of application vendors and developers, so we realise that often the decision on whether or not it's time to perform a SQL Server Version Upgrade is made for you: you have no choice if you still want to use their software! You've probably made a significant investment in your mission-critical application, so we're on hand to advise on running a version of SQL Server that's fully supported by your application vendor.

From time to time Microsoft will remove support for a previous version of SQL Server database, meaning that upgrades and compatibility issues will no longer be addressed by Microsoft for that version. For many organisations this means that they will want to plan a SQL Server database upgrade sooner rather than later, to keep things running smoothly. We can consult on this, and give you any help you need.

Installation of SQL Server bug and security patches

Obviously, you need to keep your database secure, and running efficiently. Nevertheless, it's always possible that a patch -  whether it's a bug hot-fix or designed to plug a security hole - could affect the smooth running of your Microsoft SQL Server database. The Xynomix database administrators apply these patches all the time, so we've become experts in carrying out this effectively and on-time, with minimum system disruption.

Get in touch with the database specialists

If you're concerned that you are running - or are soon to be running - an unsupported or outdated version of SQL Server Database, then please feel free to contact us to fully explore your available options.

If you need some advice on which version to use, again contact us or visit our SQL Server Version Guide.

Alternatively, if you're looking for some outside assistance to ensure that all of the up-to-date bug and security SQL Server patches are applied, then please do get in touch. If you have a SQL Server managed service from us, it's something we'll do as part of the service, but if you want help or advice on SQL Server database updates and patches specifically, give us a call, contact us via email or use our live chat during working hours.

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We run both Oracle and SQL database environments. Xynomix manage both very effectively and always meet challenges with appropriate skill sets.

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