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Most companies will experience resourcing issues, but if they involve a business-critical Microsoft SQL Server database, it could mean that the whole organisation is affected. So it’s essential to make the right choice when thinking about short or medium term temporary database administrator (DBA) cover. 

If your regular DBA is offline for whatever reason - illness, holiday, or another exigency - you usually have a couple of options:

1.    Go to an agency

-    But agency staff generally need to be trained on your system, are unknown factors, and can be expensive.


2.    Cross your fingers and get by

-    If it’s only short term, other staff can take up the slack, and – as long as your DBA can get a mobile device signal – you can use the wonders of modern technology to get in touch, should the need arise. Not an ideal situation for any risk-averse company or organisation.


Xynomix offer a temporary cover service which has none of the downsides of the options above, which is convenient, stress-free and great value.


You book a team of temporary DBAs, not an individual

If you book a Xynomix DBA, you get a lot more than just one person. You get access to the database team at our Nottingham HQ, so in the unlikely event that the SQL Server DBA assigned to you has something they’re unsure about, their peers can help. Some of our DBAs are approaching 30 years in the database field, so it’s a rare day if we get a problem we haven’t solved before.


Quick and convenient booking

Once we’ve worked with you once, you'll be assigned the same DBA as before, and we can store what we learned so that it’s quick and easy to set up a new temporary cover contract. You won’t need to train someone up each time, as you might if you were using an agency worker.


DBA cover with secure backup

What if the temp you hired for cover has to take leave through illness or emergency? If you’re using a Xynomix DBA, we have the people and processes in place to get you a knowledgeable replacement fast, so that the transition is seamless. Dependent on your requirements, our DBAs can be available 24×7×365.


Lower costs

We can come to your premises wherever you are in the world, but to keep costs down we like to work remotely. By coming direct to us you don’t have to pay an agency’s fees for sourcing the DBA, so you’ll find that our rates are good value.


Get in touch

We can give you a no-obligation quote on temporary Microsoft SQL Server DBA cover quickly - but we’ll need a few more details to give you our best rate. Contact us and prepare to be pleasantly surprised..!


Xynomix support more than 1200 database instances.


Last year Xynomix DBAs helped our customers with 19,080 problems with their databases. That's over 50 a day on average.


Over 90% of our work is delivered remotely - good for the client and the planet!

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