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Let the UK experts install your SQL Server database for you

Although not as difficult as some installations, there are - unfortunately - many stumbling blocks to avoid when attempting to install Microsoft SQL Server. It's wise to get help from those who have years of experience of installs: something we can offer.

If things are not set up and configured correctly, it could mean that you're storing-up trouble for the future. It could lead to disrupted performance, malfunctioning applications and plenty of time and resource being spent on trying to source the origin of your issues.

Our Microsoft SQL Server database installation services

The Xynomix team are trained Microsoft SQL Server database administrators (DBAs), dedicated to completing installation projects quickly and efficiently, with minimum service disruption. They've been installing the various versions of SQL Server since 2002, so they've experienced most - if not all - of the things that can go wrong.

What we offer:

  • Recommendation of server set up and disk configuration specs
  • Installation of required Microsoft SQL Server software and associated components (typically SQL Server 2012 or 2014)
  • Configuration of SQL Server networking software
  • Set up and configuration of individual database environments
  • Comprehensive training as necessary at each stage of the installation
  • Full documentation will be provided at project hand-off

The best advice when installing SQL Server? Get someone who knows their stuff to do it!

Relax in the knowledge that your Microsoft SQL Server install has been completed by experienced DBAs who've carried out multiple installations.

We'll give you as much - or as little - help you need. We'll always tailor our service to what you need and nothing more, so if it's just one step that you're unsure about, please ask us for some free advice. Contact us to discuss things further.


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Xynomix support more than 1200 database instances.