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How healthy is your SQL Server database?


Like everyone, databases deserve some TLC occasionally. When fast access to your data is essential to your business, it's only prudent to carry out regular, thorough checks.

Our SQL Server health checks can:

  • recommend ways to tune your database so you get best-in-class performance
  • reveal small problems that - unchecked - could develop in to something serious
  • predict future issues so you can deal with them before they affect your database availability

A performance improvement guarantee from Xynomix

When we carry out SQL Server health checks, we find that in 19 out of 20 cases, they're running at reduced capacity. We're so confident that the optimisations resulting from our checks will improve performance for you, we're prepared to offer this promise:

If, after we carry out the tuning recommended as part of one of our health checks, your database performance isn't improved, we'll give you your money back.

Why you need a Xynomix SQL Server health check:

Our health checks are carried out by expert database administrators (DBAs), who are likely to have first-hand knowledge of any issues they detect, and are familiar with effective fixes and smart optimisations. 

This means that our health checks:

  • are cost effective
  • are comprehensive
  • are quick
  • result in a full independent, objective report, detailing immediate concerns as well as recommendations for the future

...even if you've already got someone checking your database.

Even if your DBA(s) are very talented, no woman or man is an island. You're better off getting the opinion of a group of highly skilled and experienced Xynomix DBAs, who've carried out hundreds of checks in a varied environments.

When Xynomix carry out your health check, you'll have the peace of mind that:

  • it's been checked to the highest standard
  • our tuning will lead to certain improvements
  • the health check report will be independent and objective
  • flaws in your database applications will not be 'overlooked' - which unfortunately sometimes happens when application vendors wish you to continue using their product!

OK, you've convinced me...

So please contact us. Drop us an email, call us on the phone or chat live to one of our friendly team.


health checks are issued each month


The number of service checks we carry out every second, every day, all year round.


Last year Xynomix DBAs helped our customers with 19,080 problems with their databases. That's over 50 a day on average.


Over 90% of our work is delivered remotely - good for the client and the planet!


What they say

We do not have the resources to employ full time DBAs. Xynomix give us the confidence to go out and win new business, knowing that we can deliver our services and our systems can cope.


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