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Unix and Linux Server Support

As part of our Oracle Managed Services, we can manage your Unix/Linux environment. This might include installation, configuration, troubleshooting services and maintenance for new and existing server infrastructures. Typical support tasks include:

  • Ensuring that the software is running at maximum performance
  • Checking all back up procedures are running correctly
  • Checking / updating patches and applying hot fixes
  • Checking for error messages in log files
  • Monitoring server space
  • General administration tasks
  • Authorised file clean up and memory usage checks

Linux and Unix Performance Monitoring

Our monitoring tools provide real-time performance figures that identify and prevent issues before they can affect the smooth running of your business. Xynomix technicians have been looking after mission-critical Unix and Linux operating systems for our clients since day one, so we know our stuff. As with all our services, performance monitoring is fully customisable to your organisation's needs. 

If you're interested in finding out more about how a Unix Managed Service or Linux Managed Service could benefit your organisation, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What they say

Xynomix provide us with remote monitoring and administration for Linux, as well as Oracle. The proactive monitoring aspect of our service has proved extremely valuable. Whenever potential issues have been recognised with the system, it has always been identified by the monitoring technology and Xynomix DBAs begin work on a preventative fix immediately.

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