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Unsure about anything Linux or Unix?

Our Linux Support and Unix Support services are designed to ensure the smooth operation of all your mission-critical installations. With over 100 combined years’ experience working with Linux and Unix operating systems - as well as Microsoft SQL Server database and Oracle database environments - our specialist Unix and Linux consultants will improve the performance of your IT infrastructure.

What do we consult on?Linux Tux

Our Unix and Linux support consultants are some of the most accomplished in the UK, so the short answer is: everything!

The slightly longer answer is: ask us and we'll let you know, free of charge. In the unlikely event that it's something we can't help you with, we'll tell you and signpost you to where you can get help and consultation. We have experience with all of the common flavours of Linux - and we know a fair bit about the less common flavours.

The kind of consulting that we provide most often covers:

  • High level on-site skills
  • Management consulting for future capacity planning
  • Major system upgrades
  • Training / skills transfer

Our consultants are also available to plug skills gaps, for example when your regular IT person goes on annual leave.

As always, we're flexible how we work. Access to our consultants can be through an ongoing contract, or we can give you a quote for a specific project or task. Get in touch to find out more. Contact us via email, phone or online chat during our office hours.

What they say

Xynomix provide us with remote monitoring and administration for Linux, as well as Oracle. The proactive monitoring aspect of our service has proved extremely valuable. Whenever potential issues have been recognised with the system, it has always been identified by the monitoring technology and Xynomix DBAs begin work on a preventative fix immediately.

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