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So that letter has arrived: it’s time for an Oracle audit

Over the years we’ve dealt with hundreds of enquiries from individuals and organisations who have received a letter from Oracle’s Licence Management Services (LMS) team, warning them that they’re about to undergo an Oracle audit. We know how you feel, so our first advice is:

Relax - you’re probably fine - and if not, we can help with your licence woesAudit

We know that you’re probably feeling guilty, even though you’ve done nothing wrong! That’s the way the prospect of an Oracle audit can make you feel sometimes. It’s understandable: unless you have an Oracle expert in-house who has kept up with the latest developments in the licensing world, you’re bound to have some concerns.

We can alleviate those concerns. We carry out our own informal version of an Oracle audit, called an Oracle Licence Review. We’ll also be able to give you advice straight away over the phone even if you’re unsure of specifics.

With us, if you’re not compliant, it’s not the end of the world

If it turns out the worst way – that you’re not Oracle compliant – we can go through the figures with you, designing and implementing an Oracle estate management solution that works for you and is good value. We can also manage your licensing, keeping you compliant going forward.

If we find that you need more licensing, we can give you discounted rates on the standard prices – please see our Oracle licensing page for more detail.

Read and download a PDF guide on how Xynomix can help be fully compliant with Oracle’s licensing rules and regulations in the event of an Oracle Audit here: The Oracle Audit - is your estate fully licensed?

If you have any other queries, please see our Oracle Licensing Questions page or contact us via email, phone or text chat.


The most our licensing team have saved a client in a single transaction: over half a million pounds.

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What they say

We recently installed a new application which ran on Oracle, but were unsure how to correctly licence the environment. As a result, we engaged with Xynomix to advise on how best to do so. Xynomix ran an Independent Oracle Licence Review, which gave us full visibility on our licence compliance. They highlighted the restrictions around various licence types, whilst also detailing how to avoid any pitfalls moving forward.

John Bird

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