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Is your hardware causing database bottlenecks?


As Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database specialists, we know that your database is only ever as good as the hardware it sits on.

Database performance bottlenecks caused by sub-standard storage environments are an all-too-familiar scenario in our database work. They lead to major headaches for countless users and business owners every day. If you're having hardware-related problems, then you might want to consider a Nimble Storage solution from Xynomix: a sure-fire way to increase the performance of your Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database systems.

Why Nimble Storage?

The Xynomix database experts recommend Nimble Storage. They're the world’s leading provider of flash-optimised hybrid storage solutions, utilising an innovative design to deliver the very best that hard-disk and flash have to offer. This is all within a high performance and scalable package that has seamless data-protection.

With Nimble Storage you're able to:

  • speed-up database throughput and reduce response times
  • allow for regular fast backups, easy recovery and cost-effective disaster recovery
  • easily accommodate database performance and capacity growth
  • cut deployment timescales and reduce development/testing costs


We work with the best

There are other good storage solutions are available, but we find Nimble Storage enables us achieve our goals most efficiently - which are to improve database performance and reduce management overheads.

Xynomix clients who have implemented Nimble Storage solutions have been blown away by the performance gains experienced by their Oracle and SQL Server database environments, and impressed by the speed with which we were able to migrate them across to the Nimble Storage arrays. The database experts at Xynomix genuinely believe in the performance benefits of implementing a Nimble Storage solution over the alternatives available in the market. Commenting on their first experience of working with Nimble, a senior Xynomix database administrator said:

“We conducted testing and on-site analysis of the Nimble arrays. The really amazing thing about this new storage is the sheer scalability of it, and the fact that response times barely moved when pushed hard. The maximum we saw was 1.5ms, which is astounding when you consider the Oracle Database load we were inducing at that point.”

Don’t just take our word for it: read a client case study on the subject, where the subject benefited from a 65% increase in Oracle Database performance, whilst cutting operational costs by 3 and a half times.

We've also got an interview with one of our consultants here: Our Nimble Oracle RAC build, on his experience of building an Oracle RAC project on Nimble hardware.

For more information about database migrations, please see these pages: Oracle Migrations and/or SQL Server Migrations.

To discuss your storage needs, please contact us.

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