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A free trial is all well and good, but….

Lots of cloud providers offer some kind of 'free trial'.
The reason they do that is that they think you’ll delight in the many virtues of their cloud offering, and consequently sign-up for a longer-term subscription. It’s a fair marketing strategy: if you’re not impressed, you’ve lost nothing.
Most companies will see immediate gains through cloud usage, so you’re bound to subscribe once you’ve had a taste.

Everyone should be happy…right?


You don't have the time to give it a fair trial.

Reality check sign

Welcome to the real world.

The problem with the 'trial' model is that the cloud provider forgets one important thing: you’re also trying to run a business at the same time. In an ideal world, you’d spend plenty of time with a new product to give it a thorough test-drive.
Yet you still have to carry out all your usual day-to-day duties, so even if this amazing new product or service may well end up saving you time in the long run, it’s hard to give it a fair assessment.

It’s easier to stick with what you’ve got: “If it ain’t broke…”

Reality check sign

We understand that.

See our article: 'Why You Should Be Suspicious about the Cloud'. We’ve all had that attitude at some point, but in business, passing over the chance to get a head start on the competition can be disastrous.
So you decide to trial a new product or service. First, it’s a pain to set up and configure. Then even if you set-aside time to evaluate it, your ultimate decisions are often based on instinct. This is because many cloud products or solutions have such varied functionality and a wealth of features that it’s hard to get an objective picture of how well it will work in the time that remains in the trial. 

A calendar representing a time-limited cloud trial

How we help

Xynomix Cloud Trials make the trial process a lot less hassle.

Basically, we’ll handle the heavy lifting, leaving you with more time to evaluate the cloud service, regardless of whether your database is licenced by Oracle, Microsoft or anyone else. Obviously we’d still require you to commit some time to testing, but we’ll make the process a whole lot easier by setting up it up in advance of the trial period.

We’ll sit down with you and get to understand your organisation. We’ll then make recommendations as to how the Xynomix Cloud can help your business.

We’ll then set up the trial in a way that makes it easy for you to test and get the most out of it.

A calendar representing a time-limited cloud trial

We will:

  • Set up and configure a fully functional cloud database, regardless of vendor
  • Set up all available data management applications, so you’re able to use tools that have previously been behind a licensing paywall
  • Clone data from a production environment to a test one
  • Demonstrate the elasticity of cloud: show you how to easily scale things up, or down
  • Configure business information, creating example user dashboards
  • Create a standby database in sync with a production database
  • Create a reliable backup function ready for disaster recovery (DR) testing
  • Document that DR plan for reporting purposes
  • Provide the necessary training and skills transfer documentation so you can test it yourself
  • Monitor and tune the cloud database so that it remains speedy and highly-available
  • Demonstrate alternative connectivity such as mobile access

We’ll also offer guidance and support throughout the trial, so you always have help at hand. 

How much do the Xynomix Cloud Trials cost?

Sometimes we may have to charge for the work we do in advance of the trial, but that's entirely dependent on the amount of work involved. So we can't offer fixed price, unfortunately: but in some cases the trial will be free of charge. Regardless, we guarantee that it will save you a lot of time (and money), so our service is great value!
It depends on which “flavour” of cloud you’re after, and what services you need.

Rest assured that once we understand what you’d like or need, we can give you a no-obligation quote, which we’re sure you’ll find competitive compared to other cloud offerings. We're sure you'll want to continue with the Xynomix Cloud; but in the unlikely event you don't, you're free to walk away.

Call, email or chat live with us today.

Only interested in the Oracle Cloud?

Oracle in the Oracle Cloud

We currently offer several Oracle Cloud Trial packages, and costs are dependent on what cloud services you might need - Oracle are unique in providing a single, fully-integrated cloud offering that covers most modern business needs. See our Oracle Cloud pages for more info.