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Disasters happen: it’s not just about peace of mind or ‘what-ifs’, it’s about when.

And half of all companies don't reopen after a disaster (source).

So you need to have a disaster recovery plan; and that plan is must be documented and tested. Good business continuity measures evolve in time, and are modified and managed by experts. 

That’s what you get from Xynomix’s Cloud Disaster Recovery Services. We’ll give you enterprise-class business continuity, regardless of your business or organisation size. It’s run by the Xynomix team, who have the kind of disaster recovery (DR) know-how that can only be gained by working with diverse clients over many years.

What they don't know about DR isn't worth knowing. 
We have two types of cloud Disaster Recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) available: one based purely around cloud database DR, and one using virtual machines in the Xynomix Virtual Data Centre. Both options take advantage of state-of-the-art technology at our 3 geographically-distinct UK data centres.

Database disaster recovery in the cloud

The Xynomix Cloud disaster recovery service for databases is aimed at those businesses or organisations where database availability, resilience and security is paramount, but do not have need of virtual machine DR.
You can use the same tools that you use for traditional DR, so for Oracle you might use Data Guard if you’re on Enterprise Edition, or an alternative tool if you're on Standard Edition. For Microsoft SQL Server, you can use the same transactional log shipping DR tools that you use for on-premise replication.
Here’s why we think our DR is great value:

  • There’s no additional hardware, training or licence investment
  • There is never any data loss, as data is replicated in real time
  • Fast failover: your database is immediately accessible in the cloud. Our recovery point objective (RPO) ranges from minutes and seconds, to whatever level of tolerance is best for your needs
  • You get the expertise of the Xynomix team: we won’t hand-hold you, but in the unlikely event something goes amiss, you’ll have our support

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Business Continuity in the Xynomix Virtual Data Centre

If you need more than just your databases to be restored quickly when the next disaster happens, then you need the security and flexibility of the Xynomix Virtual Data Centre (XVDC). We replicate your machines – physical or virtual – in the XVDC, so that they’re ready to take over at a moment’s notice.zerto-and-veeam-logos.png

We use award-winning Zerto and Veeam technology to create standby VMware virtual machines. Zerto uses hypervisor-based replication, which moves asynchronous replication from the physical storage and disk arrays to the virtualization abstraction layer. In other words, the replication is carried out elsewhere, so it's not going to affect performance in your production environment.

Hypervisor replication.png

What this means for you is that it allows for storage-agnostic replication. It doesn’t matter how data is stored; a virtual machine can be replicated to another virtual machine which could be using a different storage technology. You don’t have to replace expensive hardware, or worry about hardware faults. It’s a way to protect and recover whole applications – not just data. Zerto gives you a 5-day journal of snapshots, meaning you can make restorations to any point during that timescale.

It's software-defined tech, which is perfect for business continuity, because:

  • It’s flexible.
  • It’s forgiving of change, in a way that hardware can’t be. 
  • It can adapt intelligently to errors which would cause expensive hardware to stall.
  • It invites self-service (or we can do it for you!).

Why use the Xynomix VDC for disaster recovery?


It’s fast and easy: get up and running in hours, not days.


You can use as much or as little storage as you like. Storage is elastic and practically infinite.

Storage agnostic

It's storage agnostic: supporting all storage platforms natively.

Storage agnostic
Cost effective

No need for big hardware bills, and what costs there are OPEX not CAPEX.

Hypervisor replication

Hypervisor-level replication avoids impacting the performance of the working environment.

Hypervisor replication
5 Day roll back symbol

Flexible roll backs: any time within the last 5 days.

RPO of minutes

A recovery point objective (RPO) of minutes, covered by airtight Xynomix SLAs.

RPO of minutes
Cloud disaster recovery

...and it has all the usual cloud advantages:

  • the latest, fastest tech
  • scalability
  • up-to-date security
  • agility
  • flexibility

…plus probably lots of other buzzwords ending in “ity”...

If you’re here, you probably know the score, or read our post Cloud: 9 Reasons Why It Makes Business Sense to find out more on why the cloud is virtually essential in a modern business.

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