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By choosing Xynomix for your backups, you can take advantage of the ongoing price war between cloud providers and get inexpensive storage for databases and virtual machine backups.

Whether it's due to an error or something more sinister - like ransomware - you are going to lose access to your data at some point, and need a reliable backup. Our cloud backup options give you peace of mind that when something untoward happens, you’ll always have a fallback option stored at our 3 UK datacentres.

In their June 2016 report on Data Center Backup and Recovery Software, Gartner estimated that the number of organisations using cloud backup will double by 2018.

So cloud backup is certainly the future for many businesses. Beyond the headline cost savings - 6p/GB for SATA storage - Xynomix Cloud backup gives you the opportunity to:

Cloud backups

Backup at different rates, based on the data

How valuable is your data from the last few hours? The last few minutes? Could you afford to lose it and rely on yesterday’s back up?

Cloud backups give you the freedom to choose when and how your data is backed-up; how often is up to you. You can ‘tier’ your data, so for example: the most important data is backed up regularly, whereas the less important, not so regularly.

Scalable backups

Be flexible

Got a sudden inundation of new data? Rather than be forced to make decisions you regret, store it all and do the analysis later. This would be costly and time-consuming in the past, but cloud backup can stretch as much as you like, without ever breaking.

Plus the cost is predictable and simple to forecast.

Scalable backups
Secure VPN

Be secure

It’s in our interest to have the most secure data centres, with the strongest layers of physical and cyber-security: AES 256-bit encryption and ISO 270001 security certification, managed to ISO 9001 standards.

Headlines about data breaches are costly to cloud providers, so we make sure that doesn't happen! By having off-site cloud storage it’s also an extra layer of protection against ‘inside jobs’: 35% of workers would be willing to sell their company’s data (source).

We create a fast and secure site-to-site virtual private network (VPN).

Access control

Use convenient access control

We give you the tools that allow you to follow company policies or regulatory commitments through limiting employee access to categories of data through convenient and simple access control methods.
Access control


Ditch multiple tapes or physical drive backups, which can degrade or go missing. Get a single backup solution for both physical and virtual platforms, with multiple redundancy.

Cloud database backup

Whether you’re using Oracle or SQL Server (or any other database) the Xynomix Cloud backup solution is great value and easy to set up.

Data is transmitted securely and backed-up securely, using 256-bit AES encryption. You can use the same backup tools that your DBAs are familiar-with, for example, RMAN with Oracle, and Veeam for SQL Server and other databases. So there’s no time spent learning new tools, but if you'd prefer, we'll manage the process, leaving your team to get on with more productive work.

Xynomix database backup

Your backups are resiliently-stored in our 3 separate datacentres, so in the unlikely event of a failure, there are always contingency copies. So your cloud database backup will be safe with Xynomix, beyond the size of calamity where your data backups won’t matter.
Access to your database backups is quick, and getting faster all the time. We'll monitor the timing and integrity of your backups to make sure that nothing goes amiss.

So if you need access to your backup at short notice, Xynomix’s backup saves you time - as well as money - compared to relying on traditional storage media.

Virtual Machine and Physical Machine Backup in the Xynomix Virtual Data Centre

As remote working becomes more prevalent, it becomes more difficult to manage securely. It's wise to to have safe and secure machine backups, stored where they won’t get lost, stolen or otherwise. It’s arguably just as important as having on-site backups (which also need to be backed-up!).

We use reliable and proven tech – VMware and Veeam - to backup your machines in the secure Xynomix Virtual Data Centre (XVDC).Veam logo

The XVDC is easy to control and self-serve from a graphical dashboard, so those with basic skills need not call on specialist help from IT. Storage is practically infinite.

VM backup.png


Veeam Backup and Replication

We use Veeam to create snapshots of your machines and store them in independent UK locations. The storage is managed by Xynomix consultants and server loads are shared intelligently, keeping connectivity fast. Should you need to make use of your backups, you can restore your machine quickly, at any time.

This is achieved using simple, intuitive user interfaces like this:

Veeam Morning Coffee UI


You can provision pre-configured virtual machines from vApp templates which capture the compute, storage and networking requirements as necessary. Then any operating systems, apps, and data can be replicated. You can do this yourself, or we can manage the process from start to finish. 

You’re not charged for data transfers - only ongoing storage - which can be leased for 6p/Gb

If you're interested in cloud disaster recovery, please see our Xynomix Cloud Disaster Recovery page, or for more information, our Xynomix Cloud page.

So if you’re using VMware and you need reliable, low-cost storage with cutting-edge connectivity, contact us.


Oracle backup in the Oracle Cloud

If you're interested in storing your Oracle backups in the Oracle Cloud we also support this, and can offer advice on your options. Please see our Oracle Cloud Backup page.