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The Xynomix Cloud is a secure and resilient cloud environment, using state-of-the-art hardware and connectivity. Based at 3 geographically-distinct datacentres in the UK, it's a cost-effective choice compared with other cloud solutions. It's managed to ISO 9001 standards, with ISO 270001 security.

Here's an introduction to what we can provide: whether you need to run Oracle Virtual Machines in the cloud, or indeed any other virtual machine.

Virtually Oracle

Oracle virtual machines (OVM) are designed and optimised to run Oracle’s databases, and are at home in the Xynomix Cloud.Oracle VM.png 
OVMs support a variety of operating systems and architectures. By running them in the Xynomix Cloud, you get cost-effective infrastructure with all the elasticity and scalability that comes with a cloud platform. You’re able to take advantage of this flexibility in a ‘self service’ model - if that’s convenient - or we can manage it for you.

We make sure that there are no licence implications: you simply take your current licence in to the cloud. We'll take note of what your licence grants you and ringfence resource allocation and functionality. This way, you stay compliant with your Oracle licence. There are no nasty surprises.
Plus with our managed cloud service you get the benefit of Xynomix’s years of experience when it comes to Oracle: our consultancy is included at no extra charge.

The Xynomix Virtual Data Centre

The Xynomix Virtual Data Centre (XVDC) combines the wealth of experience of Xynomix’s team of consultants with powerful and proven new technology. 
This marriage of old with the new is what makes our ‘infrastructure-as-a-service’ special: as well as low-cost access to the latest and greatest hardware and connectivity, you get access to Xynomix expertise.
The XVDC uses enterprise-scale tech from:

  • VMware
  • Veeam
  • Cisco
  • NetApp

This guarantees the kind of availability and performance essential to business-critical infrastructure, while future-proofing it at a low cost.
You may just be interested in cloud backup or cloud disaster recovery, but if you use VMware, you’re able to do a lot more by hosting your virtual machines and Microsoft SQL Server environments with the Xynomix Virtual Data Centre.

The XVDC offers compute and storage, in a fully flexible and self-provisioning unit. 

Setting the data centre up is as easy as:

1. Choosing your operating system
2. Allocating processors, memory and storage
3. Deploying VMs from your templates


What does the Xynomix Cloud and Virtual Data Centre give me?



Full visibility of your systems, and simple tools for web-based provisioning, reporting and analysis.



Scale up and scale down to match business need.

Cost effective

Cost effectiveness:

Flexibility means you stay agile and don’t over-provision.

Smarter resourcing

Smart resourcing:

Lose the headache of hardware issues, letting your IT people concentrate on better, more productive work, with backup from Xynomix consultants if necessary.

Smarter resourcing
Geographically independent sites

Availability and resiliency:

Multiply-redundant physical data centres in three UK locations, and five-nine (99.999%) minimum service level.


Speedy connections:

The kind of fast connectivity that’s made for a data-rich future.


Enterprise-level security:

Our data centres are accredited to ISO 270001 security standards, and our service can include multi-factor authentication.

New technology symbol

Latest and best tech:

Say goodbye to capital expenditure which depreciates as soon as it's bought, and 'hello' to leading-edge hardware, sourced by experts.

New technology symbol
Predictable expenditure

Predictable expenditure:

No unexpected costs, making forecasts easier and more accurate.



The cloud environment stays effectively the same in spite of performance-related hardware updates. That means that there’s no need for the kind of hardware-related modifications you might expect from on-premise IT.


Need to know more? The Xynomix Cloud offers a variety of services: Cloud Backup, Cloud Disaster Recovery, and Cloud Database

Perhaps you'd consider a Xynomix Cloud TrialContact us today if so!