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If you use an Oracle Database, then it’s clear that you’re serious about your data.

It’s an investment, from which you need to get returns: now, and for the foreseeable future.

And the future, for Oracle, is in the Oracle Cloud. 

It’s no longer time to be conservative about cloud adoption. It isn’t a fad: it’s a revolution that’s been going on for over twenty years, and it shows no sign of slowing down, simply because it has so many advantages.

Oracle has taken the time to develop the most complete, integrated cloud offering which works for businesses small and large. It’s a certified technology stack that’s purpose-built to provide modern solutions for all your business data needs. Read on to discover how we can help you trial Oracle's cloud.

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The Low-Risk, High Value Oracle Cloud Trial

We’re enthusiastic about the Oracle Cloud, but we know that the cloud adoption process can be daunting for some. That’s why we’ve developed the Xynomix Oracle Cloud Trial

Your Xynomix Cloud Trial can cover any or all aspects of Oracle’s Data Management offering, including test environments, cloud backup, DR, and the Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS).

It’s a proof of concept that’s low-risk and high value, where we quickly set up your database (and everything else) to the specs you need, so all you need to do is test it. We do the heavy lifting work for you, and you get to test the benefits, with support from ourselves. 

How you might use it

It’s up to you, but other Cloud Trials have included:

  • Backup of your existing on-premise Oracle database with full data encryption and compression
  • A robust off-premise disaster recovery solution
  • Test new Oracle Database options
  • Application development in a cloud test environment
  • If you are using Oracle Database Standard Edition, try out the full functionality of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
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How it works

It’s not time limited. It’s based on a usage meter - so the duration of the Trial will depend on the amount of time that you're actively using the cloud facilities, in hours.

It includes:

  • An Enterprise Database plus tooling on OC3 shape (1 Oracle Compute Unit, 7.5GB ram)
  • All advanced Oracle Database options including In-Memory, Multitenancy, Partitioning, Real Application Testing, Advanced Compression, Advanced Security etc.
  • Storage and capacity to run all the services on Oracle Public Cloud IaaS
  • Technical architecture services for the setup of a testing and development environment in line with existing production environments
  • Clone activity (where necessary) from production into the new testing or DR environment 
  • 24-7 support from Xynomix
  • A bespoke plan based on your individual business needs, so that you can go through a "checklist" of what you need to do and stay focused on the trial

What it costs

Our Oracle Cloud Trial is currently at a promotional price.

Our ready-to-go bundle - including our complete support and development - costs £9995+VAT. 
Contact us today to find out more. 

Would you prefer to put your Oracle database on the Xynomix Cloud?

We have some options available: please see our Xynomix Cloud Trials page.