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Free your database through the Oracle Cloud

Oracle’s 12c database - the “c” stands for “cloud” - was released in June 2013, and since then has been adopted by many successful companies and organisations. That said, any version of Oracle’s database can be run in the cloud: 12c is just the latest version, built with the cloud in mind.
Oracle currently market their database as Database as a Service (DaaS), to align with their Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Software as a Service.

Oracle Cloud Database

Oracle uses same architecture, in the cloud and on premise

Oracle cloud database is:

  • Secure - Enterprise-grade protection and privacy policies 
  • Reliable - Redundancy policies to ensure that your data is highly available 
  • Scalable - Capacity on demand to eliminate storage hardware planning
  • Simple - Transparent backup management for seamless backup and restore operations
  • Fast – Perform these cloud-based operations instantly, or within minutes 

Oracle cloud database offers:

  • Provisioning on Demand - Set up a database or dedicated schema in a few clicks
  • Capacity on Demand - Storage capacity added with a click 
  • End-to-End Security - Backups encrypted at the source and securely transferred and stored in the cloud
  • Privacy-Aware Technology - Stored data always kept in designated geographic regions
  • Built-in Redundancy - Data protection built in with three-way mirroring so your data is always available
  • Simple Encryption - Backups easily encrypted using RMAN
  • Cost-Effective Compression - Backups compressed before they’re sent to the cloud
  • Self-Healing - Data actively monitored for degradation
  • On Premise Compatibility - No change to software, tools or application code on premises
  • Easy Portability - Because the Oracle Cloud is based on open standards, it’s easy to ‘lift and shift’ between the cloud and on-premises
  • Single Management Tool - Manage both on premise and cloud services together in Enterprise Manager
  • Granular Access Control - Multi user control to assign who has read/write access to data
  • Automated Updates - Fully managed patching and updates, carried out remotely  
  • Data Expiration - Automatically expire data that’s no longer needed
  • Oracle Application Express - APEX allows fast-paced web-based development
Automated provisioning in Oracle cloud

How Xynomix can help with your cloud database

With 30 years’ experience of databases, the Xynomix team can support and administer your Oracle database, whether it’s in the cloud, remote or on-premise. We’re confident that we can save you time and money when you decide to embark on your cloud journey. Numerous successful deployments means we’ve learned to avoid the common pitfalls.

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Use the database specialists to deploy your cloud database

Moreover, you can try one of our easy Oracle Cloud Trials – the fast way to assess the benefits of moving your database to the cloud before taking the plunge – see our Oracle Cloud Trial page.
From a day of consultation to a long term management contract, when it comes to Oracle Cloud database services, Xynomix should be your first choice. 
Contact us for an honest and independent chat about your needs.

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