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When describing their Cloud Database Backup Service, Oracle might use words such as “transparent”, “scalable” and “elastic”.

Nice words.

Whilst they do describe the Oracle Cloud Database Backup Service, we’re here to help you understand why they use those words, and how that will apply to your unique business needs. 

Ridiculously good value

There’s a price war going on between the cloud providers, which Xynomix customers can benefit from. Cloud backup is ridiculously good value! The Oracle Database Backup Service is so inexpensive that it’s worth taking advantage of even if it’s just a complementary “belts and braces” solution alongside your existing backup strategy.Alternatively, you could say goodbye to upfront hardware expenses and recycle those costly old-fashioned storage media, and use the off-site Oracle Cloud exclusively to handle all your backups. 

That’s up to you, and we can advise you on your options if you’re unsure.

Check out this video from Oracle.


The Oracle Cloud Backup Service is easy to set up.

Potential transfer and storage shenanigans are handled as part of the service. Database administrators use the familiar RMAN (Oracle Recovery Manager) interface to carry out backup and restore tasks, so there’s no need to learn new tools or commands.

Your data is always available and always secure, and you can increase storage capacity as needed. It makes use of the same infrastructure as other Oracle Cloud services, including provisioning, identity management, administration and monitoring. 

The Oracle Database Backup Service delivers all the benefits of backing up data to the cloud with minimal changes to your existing setup. Cloud data storage is easy, cheap and flexible - what’s not to like?!

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How will Oracle Cloud Backup benefit my business?

Apart from reducing costs, the Oracle Cloud Database Backup Service offers:

  • Greater productivity: end users experience less downtime and their apps run faster
  • Visibility: a simple user interface for system administrators, developers and users 
  • Simplicity: as you don’t have to be a DBA to control it, non-technical managers can use its automated tools
  • Data integrity: you don’t have to worry about your solid state or magnetic storage degrading over time

Oracle Cloud backup questions:

Will I have it when I need it?

Yes: with the Oracle Database Backup Service, your backups are always accessible online and are available for recovery use when needed. You don’t need to go hunting for tapes!

Is it resilient?

Data is replicated across multiple storage nodes in the same geographic region, which protects against hardware failure and data corruption. For example, Oracle has multiple data centres in the UK, so your backups can themselves have multiple redundancy.

Is it secure?

Oracle Database Backup Service protects your data by providing end-to-end security. Your data stays confidential by being:

  • encrypted at the source
  • securely transmitted to the cloud
  • securely stored in the cloud

You keep the keys at your site, not in the cloud. As a result of the strong competition between cloud providers, a security scandal would be disastrous for Oracle, so it stands to reason that security is a priority for them.

How much work is involved?Oracle Cloud Backup

Oracle Database Backup Service is simple to deploy and easy to use. We'll guide you through the process, giving you as much as help as you need. You can even trial it before fully committing. 

How much is it going to cost?

It is charged by terabyte per month, and it depends on the amount of data you need to back up, but we think you’ll find it refreshingly inexpensive! Backup compression is included free of charge, which conserves bandwidth by reducing the size of your backups before they’re sent to the cloud.

Once you’re using the Oracle Database Backup Service, you get access to an online dashboard to monitor how much storage capacity you’re using over time, and then get more (or less) as needed. So there are no nasty surprises.

As we’re an Oracle Gold Partnerwe will be able to get you lower prices than going direct to Oracle, and we'll beat any other like-for-like quotes, guaranteed.

It make sense to choose Xynomix and Oracle for your cloud backups: we can even set up a proof-of-concept Oracle Cloud Trial if you’re unsure. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion of your needs.