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In recent years, business change has taken place more rapidly than ever before, and shows no sign of slowing. Fast, informed decisions are what give modern firms the edge.
Oracle’s Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) converts your data in to actionable insights. It works with the Oracle Database to integrate disparate data sources from across your organisation, revealing previously-unseen trends. It's the decision support system that gives you the opportunity to present and share across devices and make intelligent, data-led business decisions.  

Fast, informed decision-making

The cloud-based BI model has many of the benefits of cloud-based software in general:

  • Accessible anywhere (where there’s internet!)
  • Easily share analysis and dashboards to any device
  • Rapid upload of new data 

All these elements translate to rapid, informed, decision making. It’s the quick and agile companies that rise to the top in today’s market, and Oracle’s BICS enables that agility.

Oracle Cloud Business Intelligence Service

World-class business intelligence

As expected from a company like Oracle, their BICS offers:

  • The best-in-class platform, offering the full array of BI tools you’d expect
  • Next-generation functionality, continually updated through the cloud
  • Automated interactive visualisations, from the simple to the advanced
  • Dashboards that can be shared easily and communicate insights from across your business
  • Sandbox environments can be easily created to explore and understand discrete datasets
  • An intuitive, user-friendly experience with built-in tutorials
Oracle Cloud Business Intelligence Service

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service: Convert Data into Insight




Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service on a tablet

Oracle’s Data Visualisation Cloud Service

Don’t want or need the full business intelligence suite, but like the look of their visualisation tools?
Then we’d recommend the Oracle’s Data Visualisation Cloud Service (DVCS). This is a low-cost cloud service that helps you tell visual stories and present compelling arguments, through an intuitive drag and drop interface. 
It creates fluid and smart charts, tables, graphs, maps etc., which can be viewed and interacted-with on any device. Up to 50GB of data can be uploaded easily, and its built-in intelligence will suggest the best types of visualisation based on the data type. Once uploaded, the data is intelligently connected so you can combine and compare data to present new insights.


Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service on a tablet

Try it out through a Xynomix Oracle Cloud Trial

A Xynomix Oracle Cloud Trial makes it easy to trial Oracle’s BICS or DVCS by removing the obstacles that usually get in the way of trialling new software. 
We will:

  • remove the unknowns and uncertainties of ‘open-ended’ evaluations
  • find out what kind of tools will best suit your business needs and then create appealing views and dashboards - so you can dive straight in! 
  • ensure that a holistic view of the business is at your fingertips, whether that includes sales, service, marketing, risk, financial, manufacturing - whatever is important to you
  • give you support and advice throughout the trial, and after too, if you need it

As Oracle Gold Partners, it’s in our interest to make the trial process as easy as possible for you.

Oracle mobile business intelligence

What does our Oracle BICS Trial cost?

The 30 day trial, including all the pre-configuration and tooling as described above is available for £4,995, where you keep the solution for testing for 30 days.

We're also able to do time-boxed deployments in 20, 30 and 40 consultancy-day packages - get in touch to discuss your needs and we'll give you a no-obligation quote.

Don’t let your competitors get the edge! Get Oracle’s Business Intelligence Cloud Service, and start making informed decisions quickly, with help from Xynomix.
Contact us to find out more.

Oracle mobile business intelligence