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Oracle's Cloud Application Performance Monitoring tool makes life easy for developers, operational staff and the consumer.

Part of the Oracle Management Cloud, Oracle Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is inexpensive, both in terms of costs and footprint. It will sit on a server monitoring your mission-critical applications so that any issues are detected immediately, and allows developers to quickly follow the problem to its source, and fix it.

This means that:

  • you can make your end-users happy by responding rapidly to any user experience (UX) issues
  • there's no passing the buck: the causes of a bug can be identified immediately with minimum fuss
  • you can monitor applications on any software stack, in any environment, on premise, in the cloud or hybrid
A 'war room' of IT staff with diverse responsibilities

Is this picture familiar?

The 'war room': this old-fashioned approach to IT operations management is inefficient and leads to a blame culture. No one team has a holistic view. Expert teams responsible for individual silos are rendered ineffective by the lack of real collaboration and visibility across rapidly-changing underlying applications.

Point-solution approaches, whether on-premises or in the cloud, makes this disconnect worse and make it even more challenging for development, operations and support teams to provide a consistent customer experience.

A 'war room' of IT staff with diverse responsibilities
A screenshot from Oracle APM

Good user experiences

With end-to-end application visibility, Oracle APM ensures that if your customers are having issues, you'll find the cause.

It can: 

  • Monitor the performance all browser pages and AJAX
  • Measure all application requests, classify and store key instance samples
  • Correlate individual bottlenecks to back end performance issues

With this, you get the information to deliver better application and user experiences.

An AJAX screenshot from Oracle APM

10 times faster problem > resolution

Not everyone has 16-minute problem resolution mean time (like us!). Time means money more than ever, and Oracle APM helps you:

  • continuously monitor applications for end user-impacting issues 
  • be alerted to performance issues affecting users
  • navigate seemlessly through entire applications to rapidly solve application issues

Previous analyst studies have shown that Oracle-provided monitoring solutions improved mean time to resolution by 10 times, and Oracle Cloud APM continues that tradition.

An AJAX screenshot from Oracle APM
Oracle APM infographic thumbnail

Handy infographic

Need to show a summary of the value of Oracle APM to a decision-maker?

This infographic made by Oracle covers the basics, in a simple visual format: Oracle APM Infographic.

Oracle APM data sheet

Here's a data sheet from Oracle to download (pdf 282Kb):

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring   Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Data Sheet


Part of the Oracle Management Cloud

To the left is an Oracle video about their Management Cloud, of which the APM is a discrete part. We also have an Oracle eBook about the Oracle Management Cloud to download (pdf 3489Kb):

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring   Oracle Management Cloud

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring graphic

Oracle's APM is here to make everyone's life easier, plus it's very low cost compared to other Oracle products, leading to rapid time-to-value. What's more is that if you buy the licence through ourselves, you'll get the best possible Gold Partner rates.

That's if you need the help - one of the APM's best features is that it's really easy to set up!


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