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It's not about "if", it's about "when":

Disaster recovery (DR) is much more than regular backups – it’s about business or organisational continuity, in the face of temporary or permanent loss of your usual infrastructure.

It's an unfortunate fact that a disaster that could affect your business is going to happen, sooner or later.

The traditional DR solution might have involved a standby remote data centre. These can be a burden on time and resource, especially considering that there is a strong possibility that they will only be used should the worse happen. That’s why having a disaster recovery plan based in the 'cloud' is becoming popular as a relatively simple and affordable alternative.
We understand that many companies will want their production databases to remain on-premise. There is an investment in the hardware and you could have security commitments, plus it’s comforting to have your data stored within your own four walls!
Therefore you might just want to move your standby database to the cloud, to afford business continuity should the worst happen. 

Oracle hybrid cloud disaster recovery

Using the Oracle cloud soley for DR is known as a hybrid cloud DR solution, since you also keep a production database on premise.
It’s something that the cloud providers also understand. Oracle’s John Hurd has said
“What customers are going to say is, ‘I’m not going to be able to take that whole on-prem capability and just say thank you, move it over here.’ It’s not going to work. So, therefore, the ability to move this thing job by job, and then to be able to coexist these hybrid environments over a period of time, becomes a really strategic and high priority issue for our customers.”

Hybrid cloud

Cloud technology has matured enough to convince us that it's a viable DR solution (see our Cloud: Why You're Right to be Suspicious blog post). You can use the same replication tools as before, but use the cloud instead of a dedicated remote data centre.
It has these advantages:

  • It’s extremely good value - no additional hardware or licence investment
  • No data loss - data is replicated in real time
  • Fast failover - your database is immediately accessible in the cloud

Your cloud DR strategy might be the start of a general shift to the cloud, or DR could be as cloudy as you get (!). With Xynomix and Oracle, that's up to you.

Hybrid cloud
Oracle Cloud trial calendar

Try it without making a long-term commitment

If you’re unsure about cloud-based DR, we can set up a genuine proof of concept for you, through one of our Oracle Cloud Trials. We think that this will convince you that the cloud should be part of your DR plan, but there isn't any commitment should you decide to keep things in-house.

We’ll create a cloud standby database that will update in real time with your production database, giving you the opportunity to assess how your DR plan would function in the case of a real emergency or disaster scenario. This can include live drills supervised by ourselves - which will give you the confidence that it would work in a real disaster scenario.

Contact us for a discussion about your organisation’s Oracle Cloud DR needs, or read more about our Oracle Cloud Trials here.

Cloud DR

Want to back up your Oracle databases, but not necessarily on the Oracle Cloud? We offer a cost-effective Xynomix Cloud Disaster Recovery Service.

Cloud DR