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Benefits of Backup to the Cloud

Cloud has been discussed as the holy grail for many years now in the IT world. However, in reality, taking the leap to migrate critical business systems still feels like too big a risk for a large proportion of companies.

More recently, with vast improvements in security, network availability and commercial offerings from the major providers, many companies are now giving cloud hosting some serious consideration but are still nervous of handing over the keys to their production environments. For most the answer is a hybrid model, split between on-premise, private cloud and public cloud, dependent upon sensitivity of data, performance requirements and even hardware lifecycles.

Xynomix have found that the best way to assist customers with ‘dipping their toe into the cloud’ initially is through cloud backup. This first step does not present the same perceived risks of relinquishing possession of live systems into the unknown. It can also provide a valuable proof of concept to help businesses move further along the path to hosting of some production environments in the cloud.

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If your organisation is ready to start the journey to the cloud but requires some advice and guidance, get in touch for a no obligation chat with our experts.

Hosting your backups in the cloud can help your business realise a wide range of benefits:


Migrating or establishing backups to the cloud negates the need for the purchase of any new hardware, dramatically reducing set-up costs. Each critical file is backed up and, once complete backups are encrypted with customer provided keys before moving to the cloud. This whole process takes advantage of the latest technology whilst seamlessly integrating with your existing infrastructure. Furthermore, there’s no need to worry about upgrades, migrations or technology obsolescence as the responsibility for the infrastructure lies with the cloud provider. Initial set-up is quick and management simple.

With on-premise methods of backup, for example to SAN infrastructure, customers will always require an initial capital outlay and then step changes in price when capacity thresholds are met, (i.e. purchase of a new SAN). Costs for cloud are linear and predictable – a clear business benefit.


Cloud backup is highly reliable compared with other data backup and recovery services. Lost data can be rapidly restored at any time or location and concerns around the accidental deletion of business critical files quickly become a thing of the past.

Improved recovery time

For a recovery from tape, an operator would need to recall the tape, load it, locate the data and recover the data. Conversely, file recovery from cloud storage is faster; it doesn’t require physical transport from an off-site location, tape handling or seek time. Tape backups have often not been verified as successful for many years and may be corrupted, rendering them useless in the event of an emergency. Cloud backups can be confirmed as successful on a daily/weekly basis with minimal impact and easily recovered. With cloud backup, files to be recovered are located and streamed over the WAN connection, saving time and eliminating the need for a local tape infrastructure.

Improved security

Keeping your critical work files protected is an essential function of any organisation. In cloud backup, each file is encrypted before being transmitted to the offsite data centre. Moving backups to the cloud can also protect your organisation from dangers such as ransomware attacks since files are off-site and therefore inaccessible even if internal infrastructure is breached.

Broader protection

Cloud backup can be a good option for protecting endpoints such as laptops or tablets that aren’t traditionally part of on-premises enterprise backup. Cloud repositories can also replace the need for tape vaulting.


Cloud backups can be low-cost, especially for small businesses without a lot of data to protect. In addition, with the ever growing data pools that all businesses face, public clouds provide almost boundless scalability removing concerns presented by other methods of backup around storage capacity.

Xynomix services

As an experienced database services provider of over 17 years, Xynomix understand that your data is king. In fact recent studies show that data is now more valuable globally than oil! For this reason we have developed a few key services to aid customers in the journey to the cloud:

If your organisation is ready to start the journey to the cloud but requires some advice and guidance, get in touch for a no obligation chat with our experts.

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If your organisation is ready to start the journey to the cloud but requires some advice and guidance, get in touch for a no obligation chat with our experts.