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Xynomix were formed out of the Oracle Distribution Network by a team of technical consultants. 

How did it all start?

Our story starts long, long ago  - the late 1990s - back when Netscape Navigator was the way to surf Geocities...

Our founders Andrew Elcock and David Noble were working for a leading UK Oracle Distributor, Sphinx CST. In the course of their work they noticed a significant gap in the market for a truly independent supplier of specialist database services. It struck them that they would be the best-placed team to fill that gap, and set about proving it. Through lots of hard work, they realised their ambition and Xynomix have been operating as a team of database technology experts since early 2002.

Rapid organic growth

Xynomix Headquarters, Sandiacre

At first we were based in a small office in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, but demand for our services meant we expanded quickly. In 2007 we moved to our current premises at Electron House in Sandiacre, Nottinghamshire. We've kept expanding via word of mouth and space is running out in Electron House, so in 2013 we purchased the building next door - Scientific House - and we're currently refurbishing it so we can spread out and meet the growing demand for our data management services. 

We pride ourselves on our highly qualified in-house team of production database administrators (DBAs) and Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Unix/Linux support consultants. With the collective technical experience of our team running into centuries, Xynomix are now ideally placed to provide dedicated and specialist services around all things data-related.

At the request of clients, in 2016 we formally opened two new branches of the business - Cloud Services and Oracle Applications.

In 2017, our rate of growth increased, meaning many new hires and acceptance on to the Government's G-Cloud 9 and Digital Outcomes frameworks.

What makes us different?

So many IT companies try to do everything, but that's not for us. We know what we do best and we stick to it. Throughout our history, we've kept our focus on databases, data management and related system. and our team is made up of all accomplished specialists. This expertise means we can give an independent expert opinion, with no conflicting business interests distracting us from what we're passionate about: supporting and managing clients’ systems and data. That's whether it's carried out remotely, on-premise or in the cloud, and whether it relates to Oracle Applications, database services, or operating systems.

To us, every client is different. Perhaps that's an easy thing to say, but in reality many IT support companies try to fit your company around the service they provide. We work the other way around, configuring our services to your needs - a rare quality in this industry - and our clients value that flexibility.

Looking for our "vision and values" page? You won't find it...

Yes, we believe in treating everyone fairly, equally and tolerantly, and we are committed to the environment and local community - but we don't need to shout about it. We don't think you want to read about it either.

Be assured that we have the vision and values that really matter to your business. We've got the vision that gives us a clear understanding of "everything database", and we value our work, always doing our utmost to exceed people's expectations.

...just unrivalled know-how, at a fraction of the cost

Our level of experience is unrivalled, which is why many of our clients have been with us since 2002. We provide access to senior DBA and Oracle E-Business Suite experience, whenever it's needed, at low costs.

While we look after to the performance and resiliency of your database, we let you concentrate on carrying your business forward, trusting that your data is in safe hands.

What they say

We do not have the resources to employ full time DBAs. Xynomix give us the confidence to go out and win new business, knowing that we can deliver our services and our systems can cope.


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