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The Challenge

Our client is a large UK manufacturer operating mission-critical Oracle database systems that control production, sales and distribution for all product ranges.

The client was operating a badly architected, poorly performing system.

The database system was not consistently managed and was insufficiently patched, upgraded and tuned to function with critical applications. As the Oracle systems controlled the vital production, sales and distribution processes for all product ranges, poor database performance seriously affected the business as a whole. This reduced productivity and profitability, and cost the client a great deal in support costs.

Our Solution

Xynomix were drafted in at this point to assess the client’s system requirements and to design an ‘always available’ system that would match the organisation’s current and future ambitions. A team of Xynomix’s Oracle technicians and an account manager attended a series of meetings to learn about the client’s Oracle environment, working to understand exactly how Oracle fitted with the business as a whole.

It was clear that the system to be implemented would need to eliminate risk to the organisation, delivering the highest plausible levels of uptime. It was also recognised that scalability would be a vital feature of the implemented system to fit with the organisation’s predicted levels of growth.

Xynomix technicians re-designed the entire database environment. Due to the client’s application constraints, an alternative to Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) was required. However, as the organisation expressed a possible interest in the future implementation of a RAC environment, it was important that the new system was based on an infrastructure that could be migrated to RAC with minimal system interruption.

The new system was based on a Linux cluster to allow for easy future migration, the full use of shared storage and powerful commodity servers, and the highest possible availability. The client was involved up to management level at each stage of the planning and implementation process to ensure that the system would deliver the organisation’s objectives.

For such a critical system, it was recommended that the client’s systems were monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year to guarantee virtually non‐existent downtime. To this day the systems are still being monitored and managed remotely using Xynomix’s sophisticated predictive monitoring technologies. Technicians are immediately alerted to potential issues that may arise and are able to log in remotely to prevent their occurrence.

Key Skills Used: Linux-based cluster design and implementation, individual database tuning, full remote monitoring and management, full documentation, skills transfer, general trouble-shooting.

The Result

Implementation of a Linux Cluster with Oracle support 24×7×365 to guarantee virtually non-existent downtime.

Xynomix have monitored and managed the client’s Oracle systems continuously and have assisted with all Oracle database administration-related activity. The client’s key aims for a robust, scalable, easy to migrate cluster environment have been consistently achieved, and the requirement for the highest possible levels of uptime is met by the implemented clustering technology and full management and support services provided.

Since Xynomix has been working with the client, the estimated cost savings are in excess of £60,000 per year and the database systems have never failed.

What they say

Being able to trust a supplier is the goal of any relationship, and that's exactly what we've achieved with Xynomix.

Group IT Manager

Leading UK manufacturer