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The challenge:

  • A large UK-based container port with database performance and data security concerns
  • Their Oracle and AIX database infrastructure was seriously affecting business operations, reducing productivity and causing costly hold-ups, with frequent critical database outages
  • They needed a robust, quick-functioning database environment to improve operations, and an effective disaster recovery strategy to ensure business continuity

The solution:

We began with a detailed assessment of their needs.  Then we proposed a solution that would ensure that the supermarket’s critical systems would be functional, even in the event of a complete data centre failure. 
This solution consisted of a 2-node active-passive Microsoft SQL Server cluster located in two data centre locations.  It was underpinned by hardware infrastructure that could be scaled-up as demand increased.  We used Microsoft SQL Server replication (locally and cross site) to ensure that two identical sets of business data were maintained consistently.
This was supported with 24x7x365 monitoring and management, against which project success could be continually measured.  This proactive service keeps the client of informed of support and maintenance demands, increased data resilience and reduced RTOs and RPOs significantly.

The result:

  • RTOs and RPOs reduced significantly and resilience maintained
  • The supermarket continues to function in the event of an IT disaster
  • Proactive monitoring identifies potential issues before they affect operations
  • The customer remains a happy and convinced of the value of database specialists 


100% All of our clients now have a documented disaster recovery strategy


The number of service checks we make on hosts, every minute of every hour, every day.


95% of our clients have moved to our proactive monitoring service since its introduction