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The Challenge

Our client is a large unitary council operating a mission critical Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment. They require high availability for revenue and benefits systems.

Recognising the requirement for high availability and rapid data processing, the client had implemented an Oracle RAC environment to meet high levels of demand.

Shortly after the system went live, a senior member of the Oracle database admin (DBA) team left the company. Their skills were reduced and the RAC environment was functioning poorly: processes were slow and the database itself was unstable.

This was affecting service levels and was also costing the council a great deal in support costs.

Our Solution

An initial diagnosis, re-architecture of systems, minimum downtime and 24×7 monitoring and management.

Xynomix’s initial role was to assess the function of the RAC database system in its entirety. A lead Xynomix DBA quickly identified that a large proportion of the support delivered was due to the physical cluster build. It was clear that the clustered environment should be reconfigured to create a stable underlying database solution that would facilitate effective query performance and would provide a robust base upon which to scale the systems.

Initially, Xynomix worked closely with the client’s on-site DBA team to re-architect the entire Oracle RAC cluster, including database patching for 9 environments, working to ‘minimum downtime’ standards. The client was involved up to management level at each stage to ensure that the system would deliver the organisation’s objectives.

Key Skills Used: Oracle RAC Re-configuration/Installation, Database Tuning, Full Documentation, Skills Transfer, General Trouble Shooting.

Due to the success of the RAC redesign and regular communication between parties, our client elected not to employ a new senior DBA and engaged Xynomix to provide 24×7 support on a proactive and reactive basis.

The Result

Optimised Query Processing, 99.9% Database Uptime, Reduced Oracle Costs and Increased Returns on Oracle Investment.

Xynomix have monitored and managed the client’s Oracle systems and assisted with all Oracle DBA related activity for the last two years. The relationship looks set to continue indefinitely.

The client’s key aims for support are database reliability, smooth DBA processes and cost saving. These have been consistently achieved through 24×7×365 database monitoring and alerting, and additional 24×7 second line telephone support. Since Xynomix has been working with the client, the estimated cost savings are in excess of £40,000.

Xynomix undertake an equal number of high and low priority tasks, allowing the client’s on-site DBAs to focus on specific tasks, outsource work as required and concentrate on specific projects to achieve IT-supported business objectives.

What they say

Xynomix worked with us on our recent Oracle Licence Review and provided us with valuable independent and confidential advice to help us through what can be a confusing and complex process. They provided useful expert knowledge on Oracle Licensing policy and also suggested how any gaps could be most effectively licensed. I would certainly recommend working with Xynomix on any future Oracle Licence Review.

Andrew Whittaker

North Yorkshire County Council