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The Challenge

Our client is a large UK-based container port operating a critical Oracle and AIX database infrastructure for warehouse management. Prior to Xynomix’s involvement, the client was operating a 2 node AIX HACMP cluster.

The cluster was operating slowly, holding up key business processes and serious database outages were frequent. The operating system had not been managed effectively and the Oracle database itself had not been tuned since installation.

As the database systems are a critical element of port operations, poor system performance seriously affected business operations as a whole, reducing productivity and causing costly hold-ups. Furthermore, there was a concern that the single-site AIX cluster did not provide enough data security in the event of system failure.

Our Solution

The client asked Xynomix to evaluate system performance and identify existing and potential problem areas. A lack of operating system and database management, including patching and tuning, was highlighted as having a negative effect on overall system performance.

A number of issues were also identified with the application code.

Initially, the operating system was fully patched and the Oracle database tuned, to create a stabilised environment. Xynomix also stepped-in to work in conjunction with the client’s application vendor to resolve application coding issues. It was clear that measures would need to be taken to eliminate the risk of entire data loss.

Having discussed the backup and recovery options available to the client, it was concluded that Xynomix should design and implement a third remote server to act as an offsite DataGuard environment - a simple yet effective solution to data vulnerability - stored at a central location.

The Result

Xynomix have provided a fully managed monitoring solution for Oracle and AIX.

The client’s key requirements for a robust, quick functioning database environment and effective DR strategy were achieved within the proposed time frame. Since the implementation of the monitoring solution, port operations have been smoother and productivity has increased. The client is comfortable that all valuable data is backed up and stored at a remote site, and support costs have been reduced by 50%.

What they say

The optimisation, support and management of our Oracle 9i and 10g database arrangement by Xynomix has increased the efficiency of the Oracle database and reduced the total running cost, whilst at the same time allowing us to provide a better service for staff and student end-users.

IT Manager

UK university