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The Challenge

Work was undertaken on behalf of an organisation that specialises in the provision of government-grade systems and software solutions, working for the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

The client required a faultlessly-secure Oracle database structure capable of transferring highly classified data between separate sites within a sub-1-second time frame.

The primary software solutions provider was focused exclusively on supporting the client’s ‘top layer’ software applications.

For such a prestigious project, it was clear that Oracle technology specialists would be required to architect a database capable of securely and reliably processing and transferring large volumes of classified data.

Our Solution

Development of a cutting-edge environment incorporating Oracle 11g RAC and an Information Lifecycle Management Strategy.

Xynomix’s initial involvement was to provide an Oracle specialist to discuss the suitability of the Oracle-based options available that would meet requirements.

Having assessed the options, Xynomix technicians designed a cutting-edge technical system, based on an Oracle 11g RAC environment and an Oracle-based Information Lifecycle Management strategy. These solutions were selected and implemented for the levels of scalability and resilience that they offered, as well as the core ability of such a system to meet the vast transfer demands of highly classified data within a sub-1 second-time-frame.

Both partner and client were involved up to management level at each stage to guarantee that the system would meet the stringent specifications outlined for the project.

Key Skills Used: architectural analysis, Oracle RAC 11g installation, RAC tuning, design and implementation of Information Lifecycle Management, full documentation, skills transfer, general trouble shooting.

The Result

A securely architected, resilient system guaranteed to accommodate all data transfer demands until the project’s conclusion.

The project was completed on time, within budget and had a complete satisfactory sign-off from both the client and software solutions provider.

The software solutions provider was able to engage the services of a dependable organisation capable of providing the highest level of Oracle expertise. They are now confident that the software solution with which they have provided the client will operate effectively until the project’s conclusion and beyond.

The client now operates a scalable, resilient Oracle database architecture capable of accommodating the expected transfer demands that will be placed upon the system until the project’s conclusion.

The levels of reliability that were stipulated prior to the commencement of work have been met and are guaranteed for the duration.

What they say

A good on-site DBA team, optimised database systems and 24×7 Oracle Support from Xynomix mean that not much goes wrong for us. We are confident enough to make promises of excellent availability to our clients and employees, and they always get it.

IT Manager

Manufacturing industry