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We deliver a range of database management services for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Our services are carried out by a pool of highly-skilled DBAs who will work closely with you on whichever of the following services you require.

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A leading supermarket chain

A leading supermarket chain experiencing rapid growth helping to service its growth, they needed a new IT system that would be reliable, robust and scalable with a fast database at its core.

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The Ministry of Defence

We worked with a partner who specialises in government-grade systems and solutions on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD)

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A large unitary council

A large local authority had implemented a mission-critical Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) used for revenue and benefits systems.

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A large container port

A large UK-based container port with database performance and data security concerns

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"We first approached Xynomix for advice on Oracle licensing. They saved us money there, and a year on we have a full database management contract with them."

IT Manager

Public Sector

"A recent project required the redaction of a large volume of data against a strict deadline. Xynomix were able to take a copy of the data and carry out the work all whilst maintaining the meaning of the data for review by other parties, within the deadline. The technical expertise and swift proactive support of the Xynomix team has ensured that even during a challenging period for Welcome Finance, we are able to ensure that our data and database performance is consistent which, in turn enables us to focus on additional projects."

IT Infrastructure Engineer

Welcome Finance

"We chose Xynomix from the multiple providers approached for our support requirement for a number of reasons. Initially we were impressed with their responsiveness and deep technical knowledge of both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Their flexibility in providing mentoring to our on-site team meant increased cost efficiency against the already competitive annual costs and consultancy rates. We’re fully confident in their understanding of our needs and see them as an extension of our own team."

ICT Group Manager

Southend-on-sea Borough Council

"Since 2003 Xynomix have provided support and consultancy for our Oracle and SQL Server databases. We’ve found their knowledge to be extensive and they’ve ensured that our databases run smoothly with very little downtime. The flexibility and creativity that Xynomix show when working with us enables us to meet budgets and hit our project timescales."

IT Manager

Trade Union

"The Oracle database supports a key ERP application which holds information on our customers, invoicing and fulfilment and is therefore essential to the successful day to day running of our business. For over 6 years, Xynomix have provided us with outstanding database support and expertise. We work with a number of Xynomix senior Oracle DBA's who know our systems inside and out."

Application Manager

Banham Group

"We recently installed a new application which ran on Oracle, but were unsure how to correctly licence the environment. As a result, we engaged with Xynomix to advise on how best to do so. Xynomix ran an Independent Oracle Licence Review, which gave us full visibility on our licence compliance. They highlighted the restrictions around various licence types, whilst also detailing how to avoid any pitfalls moving forward."

Network Administrator

Dragon LNG Ltd

"A good on-site DBA team, optimised database systems and 24×7 Oracle Support from Xynomix mean that not much goes wrong for us. We are confident enough to make promises of excellent availability to our clients and employees, and they always get it."

IT Manager

Manufacturing Industry

"We do not have the resources to employ full time DBAs. Xynomix give us the confidence to go out and win new business, knowing that we can deliver our services and our systems can cope."


Business Services

"Xynomix provide us with remote monitoring and administration for Linux, as well as Oracle. The proactive monitoring aspect of our service has proved extremely valuable. Whenever potential issues have been recognised with the system, it has always been identified by the monitoring technology and Xynomix DBAs begin work on a preventative fix immediately."

IT Manager

Public Sector

"We have been running Microsoft SQL Server for around two years now and the systems have been supported by Xynomix. Their SQL DBAs are competent and very customer-facing."

Lead Database Administrator

Manufacturing Industry

"Xynomix worked with us on our recent Oracle Licence Review and provided us with valuable independent and confidential advice to help us through what can be a confusing and complex process. They provided useful expert knowledge on Oracle Licensing policy and also suggested how any gaps could be most effectively licensed. I would certainly recommend working with Xynomix on any future Oracle Licence Review."

Enterprise Architect

North Yorkshire County Council

"The optimisation, support and management of our Oracle database arrangement by Xynomix has increased the efficiency of the Oracle database and reduced the total running cost, whilst at the same time allowing us to provide a better service for staff and student end-users."

IT Manager

Further Education

"Xynomix investigated the performance bottlenecks that we were experiencing after updating our data warehouse application. After investigating the system, Xynomix concluded that the database server's cache-hit rates and available memory were both low, which was impacting negatively on performance. The technician rectified this and we are now very happy with the function of the application."

Data Systems Manager

Media Industry

"My team are always flat out ensuring that the Oracle database system is up and running without any problems. Sometimes when there is a larger issue we need a helping hand. Xynomix give us that option."

Lead Database Administrator

Retail Sector

"In the manufacturing sector, we need flexibility and immediate assistance when things go wrong. Xynomix have achieved this brilliantly, and make sure that at least one DBA is available when we call with a problem at any time of the day or night."

Business Operations Manager

Manufacturing Industry

"Being able to trust a supplier is the goal of any relationship, and that's exactly what we've achieved with Xynomix."

Group IT Manager

Manufacturing Industry

"Oracle knowledge is clearly excellent."

Head of IFS

Manufacturing Industry

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