"Xynomix investigated the performance bottlenecks that we were experiencing after updating our data warehouse application. After investigating the system, Xynomix concluded that the database server's cache-hit rates and available memory were both low, which was impacting negatively on performance. The technician rectified this and we are now very happy with the function of the application"

Data Systems Manager, Media
Oracle Gold Partner

Troubleshooting from Xynomix Oracle Advisors

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Xynomix’ technical team know Oracle inside-out and regularly ‘troubleshoot’ for a number of big names across the UK.

Oracle issues can have many possible causes. The longer it takes to identify and eliminate the root of any problems, the greater the risk is to revenue, reputation and good customer relations.

Using a wealth of experience gathered over years of architecting, managing and supporting Oracle environments, Xynomix’ DBA team are able to understand how a system functions very quickly.

Once the system processes are understood, issues can be traced and strategic investigative techniques are applied to isolate the cause of failure and diagnose the root problem.

When the roots of problems have been diagnosed, Xynomix can apply the knowledge and technical skills required to fix and prevent the occurence of similar issues. They will advise of and/or fix any other potential issues that are noticed.

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