Oracle RAC Consultancy

"A re-architecture of the client’s RAC Environment and full 24/7 support of the client’s database systems thereafter has eliminated the risk of unplanned downtime, reduced the total cost of running Oracle and increased the client’s returns on Oracle investments"

Extract from UK District Council from Xynomix' Client Portfolio
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Oracle RAC Consultancy

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Evaluation, Design, Advice and Support

from genuine Oracle RAC experts

What is RAC?

Oracle Real Application Clusters [RAC] is a strong feature of recent versions of Oracle, particularly Oracle 11g. It delivers an extremely high level of fault tolerance, database performance and scalability without the need for application changes.

Oracle RAC supports the transparent deployment of a single database across a cluster of servers, removing the threat of a single point of failure. If a node in the cluster fails, the Oracle database will continue to run on the remaining nodes.

Xynomix’ RAC Skills

Xynomix recognise the high availability and cost-saving potential that Oracle RAC technology can offer.

Our core DBA Consultancy team were involved with some of the UK’s first Oracle RAC implementations and are currently implementing some of the UK’s first Oracle 11g RAC environments.

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