Oracle Licensing

"Growing from a fairly small business to a larger organisation, we licensed Oracle products as we went along. We recognised that this unstructured approach was probably costing us but were not entirely comfortable with the intricacies of the so-called 'black art' of Oracle Licensing. Xynomix helped us restructure our licenses, which has significantly reduced our outlay"

IT Manager, Financial Services
Oracle Gold Partner

Oracle Licence Management

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Effective Oracle licensing can drastically reduce the cost of Oracle ownership and will maximise return on your Oracle investment.

Regardless of attempts to stay legal with Oracle, IT Directors, Procurement Managers and many other functional users often find that they have become over or under licensed through no fault of their own.

Xynomix are Oracle Licensing specialists. There is nowhere better to go to for a licence review and advice on the most effective Oracle Licence Management solutions available to you. Read more about our range of Oracle Estate Management services…

As an Oracle Partner, we have direct routes into Oracle and can ensure that you are compliant with Oracle’s licensing terms and conditions. Read a guide on how Xynomix can help ensure that you are fully compliant with Oracle’s licensing rules and regulations in the event of an Oracle Audit here: The Xynomix Guide to the Oracle Audit.

As well as this, we can optimise your licensing to ensure that you are not paying for Oracle licences or software that you do not need.

We can offer advice on the following Oracle Technology:

  • Oracle product types [Oracle Enterprise and Oracle Standard edition]
  • Oracle licensing types [Full use, ASFU – application specific full use]
  • Oracle licensing options [Term and Perpetual]
  • Oracle licensing metrics [Named user, CPU]
  • Oracle discounts and trade ins

Look at our Oracle Licensing FAQ or contact us below…