Oracle Installations and Upgrades

"We recently upgraded from Oracle 8i to Oracle 10g Release 2, with Xynomix managing the entire project. Two dedicated technicians spent time planning the upgrade with us and took the project through to final testing to ensure that everything was working perfectly in sync"

CIO, Retail
Oracle Gold Partner

Oracle Installations and Upgrades

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Fast, effective Oracle installation andĀ configuration to your organisational objectives.

New Oracle installations and Oracle versionĀ upgrades can prove challenging. Incorrect installations significantly affect system performance, from the database itself right up to the application layer. This proves costly in terms of support, maintenance and DBA resource.

Our technical Consultants are experienced certified Oracle professionals and are renowned for dedicating the required skills, time and dedication to ensure that projects are completed with minimum service disruption.

Installation/Upgrade Consultancy:

  • Recommendation of server set up and disk configuration specifications
  • Installation of required Oracle software and associated components [typically 9i, 10g or 11g]
  • Patching for installed Oracle software to the latest supported level
  • Configuration of Oracle networking software
  • Set up and configuration of individual database environments
  • Comprehensive knowledge transfer at each stage of the installation
  • Full documentation

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