Oracle Disaster Recovery

"Whilst the importance of protecting data remains high, budget made available to IT Managers for purchasing failover servers and recovery software, not to mention the ability to store data copies off-site for true data protection, is rare"

Account Manager, Xynomix
Oracle Gold Partner

Oracle Disaster Recovery

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Protect systems from:

  • Hardware/Disk Failure
  • System Corruption
  • Theft and Fire/Flood Damage
  • Power Failure
  • Human Error

Whilst standby servers and scheduled on-site tape backups provide a measure of protection against data loss, they still leave businesses vulnerable to a number of unforeseen issues that occur on-site.

The Oracle Disaster Recovery solution provided by Xynomix draws on virtualisation, or ‘Cloud’,¬†technologies to offer a cost-effective and secure solution to backing up entire database technology systems.

What are the Benefits of ‘Oracle Disaster Recovery’?

  • Zero Data Loss – with real-time data replication and data snap-shots
  • Incredibly high levels of cost-efficiency
  • Fast Database Recovery time, 24x7x365
  • Full protection with no hardware or license investment

More Information about our Oracle disaster recovery solution?

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