Business Intelligence Solutions

"Businesses that have an in depth understanding of their performance are in a better position to react to unstable market conditions. Enhancing the reporting within your business can significantly improve business productivity and allow you to stay one step ahead of your competitors"

Marketing Literature, Xynomix
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Business Intelligence Solutions

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Understand your organisation, applications and technology.

Most companies rely on database technologies and numerous applications to support their core business. Unfortunately, the consolidation and reconciliation of data from multiple sources using spreadsheets can be incredibly time-consuming and, at times, inaccurate.

Xynomix Business Intelligence Solutions are designed  to help you overcome the challenges that surround the management of complex data and multi-faceted management reporting. They give organisations the ability to reduce the timescales associated with the production of management reports.

Xynomix have been involved with a number of Business Intelligence software projects throughout the last 9 years. We have successfully achieved a competitive advantage for each of the businesses involved through the intelligent use of existing data as a primary influence in the decision-making process.

Achieve Business Intelligence in the following areas:

  • Forecasting [Speed, frequency, Consolidation, Accuracy]
  • Reporting [Resource and workload, Reliance on manual processes, Uncertain accuracy]
  • Sales [Repeat business/lost sales, Customer buying trends, Demand prediction, Customer profit margins, Product profit/loss]
  • Financial [Cash flow projection, Monitoring KPI’s, Prolonged month end close procedures]

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