Backup and Recovery Consultancy

"With a broad knowledge of all industry standard disaster recovery strategies, Xynomix' DBA team can help you to design a DR solution that will minimise the impact of any level of system failure"

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Backup and Recovery Consultancy

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Database failures and data loss can prove costly in terms of revenue, reputation and client relations.

Xynomix Backup and Recovery Consultancy is a service designed to help you develop a cost-effective and secure system backup and recovery strategy to meet your organisation’s exact requirements.

Solutions are shaped to requirement and can range from hot and cold backups to Xynomix’ own Disaster Recovery solution based on an accurate backup of the Oracle or SQL Server database infrastructure stored off-site in a dedicated and secure virtual ‘Cloud’ environment.

How does it work?

The organisation’s backup and recovery requirements in relation to the hardware, software and internal support resources available are reviewed. A report is produced detailing identified risks and potential single points of failure within systems.

Once a suitable backup strategy has been agreed, it is designed and implemented with full documentation and skills transfer throughout the project.

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