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Another way we can ensure that your database is the least of your worries

Microsoft SQL Server environments can become complex and messy as time passes and multiple 3rd-party applications are added to the mix. You don't need us to tell you that poor database function can cost money through slow, unreliable performance, reduced user productivity, and potential loss of reputation with clients.

Finding the root of a particular performance problem can be time consuming and frustrating. We can help by offering both Microsoft SQL Server remote monitoring services and Microsoft SQL Server performance tuning services, which both help keep your database in peak condition.

SQL Server database remote monitoring

We understand that reliability, high availability and performance of mission-critical SQL Server database systems are vital to your business continuity. Xynomix's database monitoring can operate 24×7×365, guarding against the downtime of critical applications, servers or data.

Xynomix’s SQL Server performance monitoring solutions provide complete visibility of performance and can alert database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators to potential issues before they become apparent to your end-users.  This is done in real time, whenever it's needed.

SQL Server database performance tuning

Once a performance issue has been detected, either through a SQL Server Health Check, realtime monitoring, or reported by a new client, we'll set about addressing it immediately.

We have an experienced body of DBAs and other technical consultants who will identify any problem quickly. This is often carried out by dialling-in remotely, so as well as being quick, it isn't costly. As part of the service, we'll ensure that your system performance is optimal through the various performance tuning techniques. 

Have you already found a performance issue?

If you're experiencing a specific performance issue that's causing frustration to end users, or wider performance issues that are compromising your system availability, then you simply need to contact us via phone, email or live chat. One of our experienced SQL Server technicians will be happy to help. We're a small but agile company, so we'll get on the case straight away.

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Over 90% of our work is delivered remotely - good for the client and the planet!


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What they say

We have been running Microsoft SQL Server for around two years now and the systems have been supported by Xynomix for the last 7 months. Their SQL DBAs are competent and very customer-facing.

Lead DBA

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